Home Discussion Forum what is the reason and use of auras?

what is the reason and use of auras?

what is an aura and what does it do?


  1. it connects you and your emotions to the rest of existence. to be able to see ones aura is to be able to detect there feelings.

  2. Visible evidence of your energy being/spirit. Auras depict our moods according to color. They also by color show where problems in the physical body are. Auras tell everything.
    When learning to see auras, use “soft eyes”. The expression one has while daydreaming. Look at a line of trees. Just above them. Don’t focus on the trees. You will begin to see a huge white collective aura of the trees. I suggest trees as they are the easiest to see at first, so many of them giving off so much energy. :))

  3. Some say it is the energy or radiation surrounding our bodies, perceived by only a few who are “psychic.” Others say it is perceived by those with synesthesia, the type that associates colors with people. There is definitely an energy that can be felt by most people, hence the word, “good vibes” or “bad vibes.” But I think ‘seeing’ this energy is probably synesthesia at work, or our retinas playing tricks on us. (If you stare at something long enough and then look slightly away from it, you’ll see the opposite color next to the edge of what you were viewing.)

  4. The ability to see auras is an interesting thing that seems to come of itself, a power that comes unbidden when you’ve begun to have a life tied to spirituality.
    Personally, I can’t see auras all the time in everyday life, but if I concentrate on a living being to the point where their body image disappears completely, the aura appears instead. For me at this stage of development it is not the full color aura that true psychics see, but a beautiful white glow around them, like some of the pictures you see if religious figures like Mary or Jesus.
    The reason for an aura is that is where the spirit of the being can be seen. When I see one I am reminded of the fact that all people are connected, and it is life itself that is unreal, not the souls who are here.


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