Home Discussion Forum what is the purposed of meditation?

what is the purposed of meditation?

how to meditate?
what’s the use?
how can i improve my aura toward other people?
thankz… =)


  1. your aura is a field of energy which surrounds your body. Its intensity is effected by your mood, but can’t be judged good or bad, it can’t be improved. Meditation is simply focusing your mind. Sometimes the focus is on clearing the mind for rest. Or, you may wish to focus your mind on something specific for deep thought. The more you practice, the more and longer you can focus. I wonder about what you mean “improving” your “aura”– vibes? Think nice thoughts, phrase things positively, incorporate gratitude in your life. These things will make your energy comfortable for others to be around.

  2. Sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. If you have thoughts or feelings just let them go by and return to concentrating on your breath. Some say the purpose of meditation is to realize the true nature of the universe, or realize that everything and everyone is interconnected and not separate. Some say it is just to learn to concentrate and relax and be less self centered. There is no such thing as an aura.

  3. Theres multiple methods and uses of meditation, though however you do it I would not suggest using hallucinogens or herbs you are not familiar with. Non distracting candles or incense may be helpful. You can improve your aura by combing it with visualization techniques, many things you can easily google up.

  4. Goodness = Godliness
    purpose: to find Godliness inside you
    All these people are fighting like have you seen God, where is he, he can save you from hell blah blah blah, but God is inside us, in our actions, in our good deeds. Thats the only main purpose of meditation and yeah it makes person intuitive, just practice it everyday you’ll feel the difference.


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