Home Discussion Forum What is the purpose of the mantra used during meditation?

What is the purpose of the mantra used during meditation?

Someone suggested that the mantra engages the left hemisphere of the brain allowing the right hemisphere to gain greater dominance.
Does this make sense to you?


  1. These ideas about the brain hemispheres are popular in the new age movement but are based on a very outdated theories of brain function.
    Anyway this is not what mantras are for. Sometimes people use them to mesmerise themselves through constant repetition and induce a trance like state although I would suggest that this is not particularly helpful in terms of increasing self awareness which is usually the purported aim of meditation.
    The traditional use of mantra has been to invoke a particular aspect of the divine, to concentrate the attention on it and to enhance that particular quality in the individual as a way of perfecting the inner workings of the seeker. It’s reasonably esoteric but the proof is always in the efficacy of the method.

  2. meditation is all about concentrating. uttering the mantras help in concentrating better. different mantras work with different effects. I’ve heard suitable mantras very according to sun signs just as different gemstones work wonders for people. check this tool that tells the right mantras for different sun sign natives.


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