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What is the purpose of organized "religion"….?

As it, in itself, has NOTHING to do with God, or any higher consciousness. Was it created merely to divide, enslave and control selected groups of people? A look at the state of the world today, and the past, seems to verify this. What do you think?


  1. Mind control and control of “the masses”.
    The church collects money from people, that’s the money they used to keep the church running. During the middle ages it was a form of “tax”. It’s still collected this way in europe today.
    The church hordes money, and wealth to control politics and people.
    Organized religion is a form of control.

  2. Sometimes people take religion too far. Usually people feel they have to choose a specific type of religion and a specific area within that religion to find a church… I basically love Christ, try to follow God, and try to do His will and live by his words. Just call me a Jesus freak

  3. The main function of religion is to put money and power into the hands of the priests. Notice that only in the so called civilized world do priests and religious leaders become rich. Native Americans had their Shamans, but they contributed more than just a sermon a week to the tribe. Jewish rabbis and Muslim clerics also give relatively little and get a whole lot back. So, the object of religion is power and money. It has nothing to do with God, or Jehovah, or Allah, or whoever.

  4. Jesus established an organized religion. He declared a follower to be the final arbitrator in disputes among His followers, He established followers to lead His flock, forgive sins, and to worship Him.
    I imagine history without organized religion and only the strongest survives. The poor are slaves, the weak are murdered on a scale beyond our current organized religious world.
    Cave man ethics.

  5. I think (but don’t quote me) the word religion means to gather or organize…or something to that effect. Coming together as a community to celebrate your beliefs is nothing new. I don’t know where the words divide, enslave and control come into play here. It’s best to educate yourself before attacking something you’re not sure of.

  6. Religions are organized to spread what religions see to be true. Followers of religions want to spread their faith and congregate. It also provides leadership and people to go to with questions. Organized religion often has its problems, but faith cannot be easily spread without it.

  7. The purpose of organized religion has always been to control and enslave. Anyone who can’t see this, who thinks too much is being read into this, when the churches are responsible for the killing of millions throughout history is just an idiot. And ought to get better educated. ‘Cause theocracy is coming to America if you don’t get serious.

  8. While I won’t dispute the many negative things that religions have been used for, there can also be positive influences for religion. It provides a structure and possible methods for worshiping deity/ies, it can provide an atmosphere to learn ways to deepen your relationship with your deity/ies, it establishes a common morality in a group of people, allows those of a like mind to join, share and learn from one another, and it can provide the basis for one to understand the world around them and their place in it.


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