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What is the purpose of consciousness?

What is the purpose of consciousness and where did it come from? Where is time located? Where did time come from? Why is everything here? Don’t answer with all these questions with religion. Just write YOUR opinions, not an old books opinion.


  1. what your asking has been asked for thousands of years and you expect the life long answer on Yahoo Q/A?

  2. No purpose for consciousness. Time is located nowhere, because time is not part of space. Time came from nowhere, but it simply is. There is no logical reason for everything to exist, but it does.

  3. What is the purpose of consciousness
    It doesn’t need one and doesn’t likely have one beyond being a useful trait of things which have one.
    where did it come from?
    It’s generated within the brain, somehow.
    Where is time located?
    Time isn’t an object, it can’t be “located” anywhere …
    Where did time come from?
    It’s not an object …
    Why is everything here?
    Nonsensical question …

  4. consciousness came from the garden of eden when eve at of the tree of good and evil. and im sorry but there is no other answer but from the bible unless u want wrong answers.

  5. there is no cause and effect as the whole IS whole. temporary perceptions of “less then whole” are just that… temporary. “why” can never be sufficiently answered from the mind’s position. perhaps noticing that whatever purpose is showing up right now IS the purpose is the best the mind can do.

  6. Consciousness is an illusion.
    It’s your brain trying to rationalize your past actions.
    Time likewise, is an illusion.
    It seems to exist only because your brain is incapable of processing everything at once.


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