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What is the purpose of astral projection and what kind of information do you get from it?

Also could I see numbers and street names of different places?


  1. I don’t know either…but it seems like they have fun. I think I did it as a child…while I was asleep I “flew” down 2 sets of stairs. I remember I always felt bad after I did that..and really weird. I wonder what psychiatrists think about it.lol

  2. As to a/p – one can imagine how the Earth is looking from the sky and how nice is it to be in the clouds- freshness, sun, peace and at night- how nice are the towns lights and to feel if having been taken by hand by some flying creature for company -and then one can develop a sens for seeing things that will happen from over there – smth as Satelite clairvoyance.A practical example- when staying at the bus station the colours of the cars that will pass could be guessed by having such training.Moreover they are somehow in a trend and the thing is to enter this trend- perhaps this is connected to intuition developping.

  3. What you can do is actually unlimited….You can visit loved ones and hug them like I have done….you can travel to the past, future or present. You can fight off bad spirit ghost, like I have, because it’s now spirit to spirit~
    Yes you can read numbers if that’s what you focus on.

  4. Remote viewing has been tried in U.S. intelligence, and I think that the Soviets were even more into it for espionage purposes. I do not know how successful the efforts in either country were. I think our remote viewing operations have been disbanded.

  5. The purpose seems to be having fun with it.You’d think these travelers would find missing children or even search for fires to report.No,they all have a reason it can’t be done.Some say they can’t stand the sight of dead bodies.So they don’t do it.They can’t find the courage to help relieve the suffering of families.We all know what excuses are like.Everyone has one.In my opinion astral projection is a bunch of hooey

  6. I get alot of information from “beings or spirits” on the other side.
    The thing I got most from Astral Projection is knowing that we are more than our physical bodies….and that we dont die..only our physical body dies but we go on to another dimention.
    The thing about numbers and words to me, when I project, sometimes i am able to read words but if I foucus too hard then the words start to get all jumbled and confusing.
    If I see a digital clock on the etheric plane, I am never able to read it for some reason. the same thing happens where the numbers start changing and become unintelligable.
    here’s a question that I posted on an astral projection site regarding reading when projected:
    you can also look around the forums and ask and read questions for yourself..

  7. The purpose of astral projection is whatever purpose compels you to try it, or inquire about it. The information you get is just as ambiguous…as a general rule, you find what you’re looking for. I guess that answers the question about addresses, etc. too.

  8. i was astral projecting since forever but i was terrified of it cause i didn’t know what was happening to me it took me long time to understand what was it my astral projection are so clear and sometimes scary cause very often for some reason i project into bad places and about numbers i never thought of it


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