What is the purpose of a witch?

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What does a witch want? I just finished watching the Blair Witch Project and I don’t know what the witch did too them. Can you explain?

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Not sure about the mythological witches, but there was a time when pagans were thought of as witches and were executed because of it.


Wiccans (also called Witches) seek spiritual enlightenment through the Goddess. They also try to help people in any way they can.


It’s fake. The Blair witch project is fake.


Real Witches practice the ancient art of magic, which is rooted in nature and psychology. Just regular people who practice a spiritual skill. They want the kinds of things anyone else might want.
Blair Witch Project is just fiction… it’s not nothing to do with the purpose of Witchcraft, it was just a made-up story about some kind of evil ghost they called a Witch.

The Snake

the purpose of a witch is to survive because in reality we exist.
There are hundreds of thousands in the United States alone and millions more around the world like in England.
The United States Constitutions first Amendment gives us the right to be witches if we want to.


I’ve never seen Blair Witch, and never will (it looks stupid). The Blair Witch movie is NOT a good example of true Witches. No movie portrays Witches accurately. Witches only want to help people who have no other options. Witchcraft is not supernatural or evil, doesn’t come with fantastic powers or make use of demons or the like. It’s a practice of nature…since when is nature supernatural??
@Shakespear_nerd26: Wicca is NOT Witchcraft


The Blair Witch was fake and just a movie.
Real Witches (Who are sometimes Wiccans, but not always) believe in a God and Goddess an seak spirituality and enlightenment.
I don’t know how else to say it. Google it.


We want to live our lives, practice our faith/belief, raise our families just like everyone else. And we want to do it without be told we’re wrong, stupid, evil, going to hell, etc., etc., etc.
The Blair Witch Project is a movie…and the funny thing is it’s a ghost story. That’s right a ghost story.


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