Home Discussion Forum What is the purpose of a meditation table?

What is the purpose of a meditation table?

This is not something I practice and I dont want to offend anyone – what ‘items’ do you put on these tables and what is the significance?


  1. I think it depends on what type of meditation you are doing. I am only familiar with Buddhist meditation.
    In Buddhism you would set up a small alter.

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  3. Unless you practice tantric meditations like in Tibetan Buddhism, where ritual instruments are used, a meditation table is usually not required, simply because you don’t do anything physical really.
    Of course, some people may find it handy to have a little table if they want to start or finish the meditation by reading a prayer, or putting a clock on it.
    As mentioned above, an altar can be put in front of you, but that is a different thing altogether, it is not specifically for meditation, just to put some objects on that you feel are very special to you. Only in some cases you may use it for meditation itself, for example an image on which you like to concentrate.


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