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What is the proper way to Fajin in Tai Chi?

Thanks everyone for your answers so far. Just to let you know I was actually taught how to fajin by someone a few years back, but I stopped doing it for a few months. Now when I do it… something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe I’m too loose or just plain doing it wrong.


  1. The ability to use fa jing in tai chi relies on being completely relaxed. It takes years and years to learn to be able to use fa jin. If you are training in tai chi I suggest you just be patient and follow your teacher’s instruction. Fa Jing comes naturally as your skills improve. If you rush it, you will not have it.
    EDIT – About Russel’s video of Chen Xiaowang, he has injured himself while performing his fajing form and no longer demonstrates it. He is most notably known across the globe for his fajing abilities. This is something that many people who are NOT the most well known do often enough. Practice you martial arts with care, and look for longevity, your skills will be good enough if you train the correct way.
    One of the older men in my dojo has injured himself while practicing fajing as well, because he over-did it.

  2. There are a lot of exercises for developing fa jin (release of energy). This person’s display is an excellent example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxxebP0u31g. It’s true that you should feel quite relaxed and soft as you preform fa jin but there needs to be structure beneath the soft surface and you need to have a deeply solid root. Yichuan postures are one of the best ways to develop these attributes. Try to find someone to instruct your training who can and is willing to actually demonstrate effective fa jin.

  3. Ur instructor will teach u when he or she thinks u are ready to learn. Fajing is not something that can be taught over the internet.
    Like the others said it takes years to develop that skill. After uve learned to Fajing it will naturally occur when u practice.


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