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What is the point of meditation – why not just take a nap to relax?

I feel pretty refreshed and alert after a nap, so why go through all the effort of focusing on trying to meditatee ?


  1. I have problems with sleeping. I only fall asleep when my body just shuts down. I wish I could “just take a nap.” Meditation allows your mind to calm down, then your body to relax.

  2. There is a significant difference. Meditation isn’t JUST about relaxation, it is about building mental skills on many different levels. And just like anything else that takes practice to master, you have to work at it. It’s an active process, not a passive one.
    Look at it this way: what is the difference between doodling around on the piano, and PRACTICING the piano? Playing around is fun, but practicing is a focused effort to better your playing through repetition and care. Practice yields a far different result than just goofing around.
    Likewise, if you wanted to make serious improvements on your softball pitch, you would attend practice, not just throw a few pitches in the front yard with a friend.
    People who aren’t familiar with meditation frequently assume that it’s merely for relaxation. It is about FAR, far more than relaxation alone.

  3. Napping feels relaxing, however, it does NOT bring about the natural “stress management” response that you are seeking. Doing something active is the best way to de-stress. Consider the feeling of well-being, after a good physical workout. Another activity for managing stress is the inner activity of meditation and hypnosis.
    I often use actual light & sound machines, within my office. Surprisingly, the “Virtual Light & Sound Machine” Meditation FREEWARE does offer a close approximation of the real deal. The software’s relaxing, hypnotic phenomenon is purportedly attributable to “brainwave entrainment” through “audio-visual-stimulation,” without reliance upon “binaural beats.”
    For more information on light & sound machine technology, I invite you to download my FREE ebook, “Meditation Enhancer,” found here:
    Here’s a list of some good low-cost and no-cost hypnosis downloads:
    Tucows offers an alternative download site for the VL&S Machine
    Psychologist Jerry Solfanelli


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