What is the point of education to a zen Buddhist?

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Beyond instuction on seated medition and the practice thereof, is there anything to be gained by futher instrucion beyond deviating further from enlightenment?

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One purpose of education is to indoctrinate the imagined ‘individual self’ for the continuance of that society.
Education is also useful for technical training in the pursuit of money.
What a practitioner of Zen/Ch’an will get from it is unknowable as there is no ‘practitioner’ in Zen as Buddha said himself that there is no ‘individual self’.
On the other side, what will you do with enlightenment? Satori will give you nothing. You are already the one Buddha was pointing to.


Education gives the framework that prepares one for the release (and need of) of enlightenment.
All the problems we experience during daily life originate from ignorance.
Without the signal of pain, we would not treat a wound or prevent further injury; without education and experiences, we would not strive to leave suffering and the illusions/delusions that trigger suffering.

shades of Bruno

The point is – one-pointedness !


The point of zen education is to get a person to UNLEARN.
Education in zen is of secondary importance, and not necessary.
Personally, it sparked my interest in zen, which led to practicing zazen.


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