Home Discussion Forum What is the point of a subliminal message?

What is the point of a subliminal message?


  1. It gives you a message without you being aware of it. For example, it was rumored at one time that movie theaters were flashing quick, unnoticeable pictures of candy bars, popcorn,etc. on the screen. Concession sales went up as a result. But people in the audience didn’t even realize that they had seen anything.

  2. Studies have shown subliminal messaging is very effective in reinforcing brand messaging and it helps to sell product!
    As a designer, I have had the benefit of trying this technique on my audiences. I found it to be pretty useful in making subtle suggestions and I try to add some of this in every piece I do.

  3. To sneakingly put the message there , to work in its own time on your thoughts and enter into your mind, to consider it.


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