What is the point in entering a deep meditation?

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Apart from “to relax”
Does it heal the body?
What is happening in a deep meditation?
Thank you

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Scientific Pandeist

It allows yo to control your thought and enter a state of enlightenment (both intellectually and through peace)


Refer to fhu.com


It is Zen.

Siver C

It slows everything down.
I don’t believe in all that
hocus pocus crap
But meditating always give me
a nice feelings.


it gives you inner peace


relaxing/relieving your body of stess alway helps the body, but mostly it allows you to tune into your spiritual side. Kinda like making a connection with your self and god. Some people feel it gives them the oppurtunity to answer questions normally they could not.


There is not point, other than relaxing.. People seem to think that they are more than their mind, their “ego”.. But what they fail to see is that the very desire they feel to rid themselves of their ego is an ego driven desire in the first place.
The only point I find in meditation is to relax.. But, you could find the same relaxation with fishing or any number of activities. It is just deep thought, without and internal dialogue.


Meditation is fake.

aden t

it keep ur motivation up and ur senses up and to be able to to run and not get tired or crash u can work out 4 ours or be able to concentrate on some thing.


To commune with God and experience His love.


i realize it from few weeks ago. it’s com. No one has entered in our mind. The black hole of when we close our eyes is well sweet.I think this is you mentioned as point. That point wanted us to make more time to meditate. Our mind cant forget that situation after finish it also.
it’s my view of your point that what i experienced. There are lot to say about deep meditation. I have no knowledge to explain more.


You specify ‘deep meditation’.
That’s not something you can just ‘enter’. It takes time and effort to develop.
Deep meditation does not help you to relax.
It does not heal the body, (though that may sometimes be a by-product).
If anything at all can be said to happen in deep meditation, it is impossible to describe in words.
The point of meditation is to simply meditate. It is an end in itself.
I’m sorry that my answer is obscure – but deep meditation accesses levels of mind where normal words and thought just don’t apply.


It allows you to reconnect to the whole. If you can stop your internal dialog with yourself it creates a gap. 🙂
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

Rev. Two Bears

When you relax your body heals and repairs itself.
Meditation is good for stress relief
Meditation calms and focuses the mind

Quantum Black Christian

There are Six Levels of Perception:
1. Beliefs; 2. Thoughts; 3. Words; 4. Physical Actions;
5. Postulates; 6. Total Understanding.
1.Self; 2.Family; 3.Groups; 4.All Mankind; 5.All Living Things;
6. The MEST (Physical) Universe; 7.Spirits; 8.God.
8.Self; 12.Groups; 15.All Mankind; 22.MEST Universe; 32.Spirits; 40.God.
The L. Ron Hubbard TONE SCALE (partial listing only):
40.Serenity; 30.Postulates; 22.Games; 20.Action;
8.0 Exhilaration; 6.Aesthetics;
4.0 Enthusiasm; 3.5 Cheerfulness; 3.0 Conservatism; 2.5 Boredom;
2.0 Overt Hostility; 1.8 Pain; 1.5 Anger; 1.4 Hate; 1.2 No Sympathy;
1.1 Covert Hostility; 1.0 Fear; 0.9 Sympathy; 0.5 Grief; 0.1 Apathy;
0.0 Body Death.
THE AVERAGE Human wastes their potential, living from day-to-day pissing it away. Even if they are dying, the average person would not even try to exploit it. For example, the late Pope John Paul II, the living Billy Graham, who could not even heal themselves of Parkinson’s Disease, despite claiming to represent THE Greatest healer of all time.
PSALM 1:1-6.
BLESSED is the man
that walketh not in The Counsel of the Ungodly,
nor standeth in The Way of Sinners,
nor sitteth in The Seat of the Scornful.
2. But his delight is in The Law of the LORD;
and in His Law doth he meditate day and night.
3. And he shall be like a tree
planted by the rivers of water,
that bringeth forth his fruit in his season;
his leaf also shall not wither;
and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.
4. The Ungodly are not so:
but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.
(Biblical) “MEDITATION” means “to mutter,” or “to murmur.”
The healthy mind thinks an exact image made of life energy (ZOË) of whatever concept it is focussed upon. This image is recorded at the exact Existence Level as it is perceived in. The unhealthy mind thinks exclusively in symbols (words) that represent images. The words will contain all the life energy images data of the concept they describe.
If you say, “I know Joe Smith,” the name contains images of everything there is to know about “Joe Smith.” However, the weak mind discards 99% of that knowledge, and can only spell the name at best. The strong mind can seperate all the “clumped” images that make up the noun, evaluate and analyze them seperately. This is called “divination,” ESP, and worse, by the envious and lazy-minded, who cannot conceive how it is possible to know all about someone one had never met from just their name.
If a person mutters or murmurs a datum- such as, a passage of Scripture (not too long) aloud several thousand times, they create an image of its symbols at Level 3 (Words). These repeated images call up all associated data from the subconscious mind, forcing those parts of the subconscious mind to regain consciousness again.
This will cause first recall of the (1) Beliefs, then (2) Thoughts, and then (3) Words associated with that concept.
The next step (4) Physical Actions will activate direct sensory perception of the concept meditated on. One would sense visions, sounds, tastes, smells and sensations as though they were present.
At this point, one’s mind would be at optimum alertness: In Harmony with the Physical Universe. Reaction Time would be zero. One would be aware of things as they happened- not 0.02 seconds or more, later.
At this point, one should no longer be dependent on words for transaction of information inside one’s own mind. Instead of waiting to compose symbols, one’s mind should simply duplicate the required images. These images can be combined to create images of greater intensity, until a higher level of existence is attained, with its associated levels of higher understanding. One’s mind is becoming more and more senior to the Physical Universe, hence a sensation of Time slowing down, and awareness of events and stimuli BEFORE they happen.
At Level 5 (Postulates) one perceives the Spiritual Energies and Forces that CREATE or PREVENT Physical Universe Reality, and can manipulate them to predict or command Future Reality. There are spirit-based entities also capable of Postulation. Some of them counter ours’, manipulating Reality to prevent our gaining freedom, and to keep us under their control. At Level 32 (Spirits) of awareness, their postulates do not overrule ours’.
At the Level 6 of Existence (Total Knowingness, or Total Understanding) TIME *STOPS,* and we have complete supremacy over The Physical Universe. We access The Knowledge of EVERYTHING God Knows about the subject in question. This is the 40th Level of awareness (Serenity) and the 8th Dynamic (God: The Supreme Being). Conscious awareness of this exclusive Plane lasts only an instant, but it can take years to verbally “decode” what one learned in this moment. One has FULL CONTROL over every entity


when we enter into meditaion, it allows all our bodies to be cleansed.
Negative energies which cling to us do not like silence and they very often leave you.
Also its in the depth of Meditation that you can hear the voice of God
Amarjit Singh

Black Christian Scientologist

There are several forms of meditation.
They are all a waste of time if they do not involve thinking in images, rather than in words.
Martial Arts and Yoga poufs are alsways telling you to tie your legs in a knot and meditate. Only after severe hardships can you get a straight answer out of some of them as to WHAT you should meditate ON.
You NEVER find that information VOLUNTEERED.
You should be able to use Total Recall to review your entire life on, all sense channels, in minutes. With concentration, you will be able to identify problems in your life, mental and bodily functions, and nip them in the flower- such as fear of cats, or hunger for weird sex, and so on. simply by viewing the trauma that causes the condition and annihilating its abnormal influence.
Once you get organized, you can do ANYTHING with “mediation,” including:
1. HEIGHTENED AWARENESS: Total Recall and Total Concentration.
2. *SEEING:* ESP ability to perceive anything that exists or existed,
and analyze its life energy composition- thus proving the difference
between true visions (which have the full range of energy signatures,)
and false visions (which contain only the signature of the being who created it,)
analogous to detecting the pixellation of faked photos.
3. ANGEL DEPLOYMENT: The Telekinetic ability to create an energy body, and act through it at remote distances.
4. TELEPORTATION: The ability to dematerialize one’s body to pure Life Energy, and to rematerialize it elsewhere in the current Universe.
5. TRANSLATION: The ability to teleport into the “Higher Universes” (i.e. Heaven).
6-10. TRANSFIGURATION: The simultaneous triggering of all these abilities with a “jump” of one’s energy content from 50% to 100% in an instant. “Cosmic Awareness.” “Everlasting Life.”


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