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What is the pagan view of demonic activity?

How does the pagan religion explain demonic phenomenon? Most demonic activity is halted by catholic incantations. I was wondering what the pagan community thought about this.


  1. do you ever wonder though why most possession cases are Christian ?
    Pagan Gods and Goddesses all have both nice and naughty characteristics
    there really is no need for demons in their beliefs
    and I have never heard of a Pagan being possessed

  2. I don’t believe in demons, but I also keep my spiritual space clean and don’t tolerate mischievous energies. A simple assertion of will is all it takes. It doesn’t matter what words you use, or words at all.

  3. Depends on what you mean by “demon”. I mean, there’s malicious beings in a number of Pagan religions. In the Celtic tradition, the Fomori are… perhaps not demons, but definitely the type of critters I’d rather not cross or be on the bad side of.
    There’s ways of fending them off, but I’ve always thought the better option and was avoiding their attention in the first place.

  4. There’s a lot of different Pagan religions, and they deal with demons in their own ways. In the media, you mostly see demons being halted by Catholic incantations because Catholicism dominated the English-speaking world for almost a thousand years, and they worked to stomp out all the other religions’ methods of dealing with evil entities.
    Pagan priests & priestesses call on their own deities and spiritual allies to help them to control demons when they need to. They also have physical tools–their own holy water and blessed items.
    The idea that the Catholic approach is the only one that’s effective is part of Christian propaganda, that likes to claim that all other religions are in league with “the devil” and therefore wouldn’t be able to prevent demons from harming people.

  5. First off, there is no one Pagan religion. Paganism is an umbrella term that many religions fall under, and they don’t necessarily all share the same beliefs.
    It’s kind of like asking you what does your community think about pesky, mischevious fairies that mess about in your garden and eat all your strawberries before you get a chance to harvest them… it’s probably not something you worry about or talk about much, or actually have any experience with.
    Same thing with Pagans and demons… In my 18 years as a Pagan and being active in the Pagan community, it’s not something that has come up or that anyone expresses worry over or experience with. They’re a non-issue to us like strawberry-hogging fairies are a non-issue to you.
    Frankly, I find that only people who believe in demons have problems with demonic activity.
    I think for the most part it is people’s imagination. They believe in them, therefore they see them. The mind is a great trickster.
    Or sometimes, people come across something that scares them that they don’t understand– they misinterpret it, thinking it’s a demon, when it could have been something else, a natural occurrence even. So they look for answers, they hear demon, and all of a sudden that percieved threat becomes a demon in their mind, even if there was never one there in the first place.

  6. Well, in my twenty years of being a Pagan and being active in the Pagan community, I have come in contact with Demons. Now, of course, I didn’t use Catholic incantations to halt it. I used my own power within me. Demons, as I know them, are not from one particular religion. They are vast. Such as the Naga in the Hindu Religion. I’ve dealt with a few of them myself, seeing how my Goddess is Kali Ma, and they are just a vicious as the Christian Demons.
    I do believe, and have experience, that demons are malicious creatures that pry on the fear, pain, and suffering of others. Possession is simply a tool for them to reek their chaos in a more personal, and traumatic, fashion. Demons have great power and are not to be taken lightly. I do agree with the statement above; however, but I need to explain that in more detail.
    The chance that a demon really is the problem, is slim. Demon’s, in my experience, generally feed upon people who are strong spiritually. As you see in cases of Virgins being possessed and those that have a strong light about them. That’s not to state that others not of that nature can’t be possessed. Most of the time it is simply a collection of negative energy, more than likely carried by the person experiencing “demonic” phenomena, that has collected so much that it has concentrated and is physically effecting the person in the physical plain…Most of the time a basic cleansing of the body and the space in which they live is all that is needed. .

  7. I feel demons are just misplaced energy gained negatively through ones life. And we call them demons when we don’t know how to fix or correct a situation. We intentionally put ourselves at the point with stresses and other material possessions that when we lost something we instantly blame what we can’t see or understand. Don’t get me wrong, there is a power and force on both sides that we as mortals will never totally understand. But through proper knowledge we can combat demons and live through our understanding of our beliefs in ourselves. Here’s something I read when I was younger: He road upon a horse and saw a ghastly site. Rubbing his eyes he thought he saw a demon but only saw a post. I personally believe we all have our own power to repel or avoid demons with proper learning in our beliefs.

  8. Pagan ‘gods and goddesses’ are demons masquerading as ‘gods’. When a pagan tries to cast away a demon with help from their pagan ‘gods’ , it is all a ruse. Their ‘gods’ are indeed demons.


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