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What is the origin of the broom carrying witch?

I know the origin of witches but a student of mine asked me why witches carried brooms. I gave him a very generic answer but I told him I would try to find out for him. Can you please help me out? Why do witches carry brooms?


  1. I know that this is going to sound sick but it’s all about masturbation and female orgasms. Women aren’t allowed to have them you know.
    Edit, I didn’t make this stuff up you know, it’s history. Queen Isabella of Spain burned so many “Witches” that the congealed fat plug up the drainage systems in Spain for years. Look it up. Most were Jews or Moors.—-cut /paste
    Father Torquemada of Spain orders the Jews to convert to Christianity or leave the country. Ferdinand V (1479-1516) and Isabella (1474-1504) expelled the Jews (1492) from Granada and the Moors (1502) from Castile after the taking of Granada. Pope Innocent awarded Ferdinand (1479-1516) of Spain and his successors the title Catholic Kings. Pope Innocent VIII (1484-1492) proclaimed a racist edict against the Jews in Spain to banish them from the peninsula. A hundred thousand Jews fled Spain and an estimated 100,000 pretended to be converts to avoid persecution. Some suggest 200,000 Jews fled Spain. Tens of thousands died before reaching safety, many being killed on the way.
    Edit 2 Why are wiccans all ways trying to rewrite the history of witches. Just a bunch of want a be’s!

  2. Hi Hun~ I am a Witch. I don’t carry a broomstick around but i do own one that is used to sweep my ritual area and home of negative energies. We call this broom a besom. This is not an actual sweeping of the floor more the air….I also have the mundane housework one!!
    In the old days the Pagans had a ritual they performed when planting their crops, they would grab their pitchforks or broomsticks and head out to the field and then jump over them, they believed they were showing the crops how high to grow!
    Of course Christianity being new and arrogant wanted to turn people away from their old Gods and Goddesses and wipe out paganism and dominate religion so the leaders or priests spread the word that they were in actual fact blighting the crops or harvest. This is a really stupid thing when you think that they were the Pagans own crops and their livelihoods depended on them!!~ from this spread the rumor that they actually flew on their brooms! Again not true.
    Hope this clears things up for you and your friend!
    Blessed Be!

  3. We’re not really sure. Older descriptions and illustrations generally depict witches flying on the backs of various animals, sometimes backward. Eventually they started being depicted as flying on a stick, or sometimes a broom. The first known case of a flying broom was in 1453

  4. Brooms are used by witches nowadays to ritually cleanse an area before ritual. But they also had another use… if you take a look at old “flying ointment” recipies … they contain a lubricant ( such as fat) and psychotropic herbs such as cannabis, opium, etc. these ointments were applied to the broom handle and then used as a masterbation tool, some say this is where the term “flying off the handle” comes from… it is not “just smut” as one has stated… I read about it in a book by Erica Jong called “witches” Wicca & witchcraft as a religion & practice do not usually have such sexual repression, and don’t usually react that way to a simple observation…And are usually more adult when dealing with such matters…

  5. the orgins im not sure of but its symbolism. when to wiccans [witchs] were handfasted [wiccan version of marrige] they would jump over a broom to show the marrige was done also in modern wiccan the broom is swept around the magick circle to symoblise cleaning the space of negitive energy

  6. Brooms have long been connected with witchcraft, almost universally portrayed as medieval-style round brooms and associated with female witches. There are, however, prior records of witches flying on sticks or similar objects, usually that had been first greased with a magical flying ointment.
    Witches and other magic practitioners would disguise their wands as broom sticks to avoid suspicion. It is also a tradition that brooms have been used by some as receptacles to harbor temporarily a particular spirit.
    Today the broom is included in lists of ritual tools in many pagan guide books, where it is often referred to as a besom. A broom is sometimes laid at the opening of some covens’ rossets. Representing the Element of Air, brooms are utilized in the purification of areas. They are used to sweep ritual circles clean of negative energy. The high priestess or high priest walks clockwise, traces the cast circle and sweeps with the broom a few inches off the ground. This practice can be used in addition to or in place of incense to purify a ritual space. It is often employed by those allergic to incense, and during rituals practiced in smoke free areas. It is also a technique associated with “kitchen witches” who use what’s on hand to work spells.

  7. Despite the association with women, in 1453, the first known case of claiming to have flown on a broomstick is recorded, confessed by the male witch Guillaume Edelin.[1] There are, however, prior records of witches flying on sticks or similar objects, usually that had been first greased with a magical flying ointment.


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