1. Do you know how many people ask this question?
    No one knows.
    Except half of you came from your mother and the other half from your daddys gonads.
    How can we gain intelligence from nothing? What intelligible thing is there to learn from nothing? Answer: Nothing.
    Moral Truth? People differ when it comes to morals. One person may disagree to anothers definition of ‘moral truth’.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Life: Probably abiogenesis
    Consciousness: An evolved brain
    Morality: Behaviour embedded in our species which is beneficial to our survival

  3. i think it is better to admit that you don’t know than to make up fantasies about this great god and throw an epic battle of good and evil and people with supernatural things happening to them in the mix. we might one day find out but for now let’s face facts.

  4. Intelligence came from the natural human desire to know more. Morals came from the human nature to judge things and shape themselves on it, to make their own decisions. Truth came from, well…I suppose it came from people wanting to know things, to distinguish “truth from lie.” And finally…Beauty, if I recall, was overall originated in Ancient Greece, in their quest to make the perfect depiction of a human being in sculptures.
    P.S. These answers are basically just guesses, to be honest, keep that in mind.

  5. Uncaused First Cause.
    A scientific experiment specifically tries to relate effects to causes, in the form of quantitative equations if possible. Thus, if one repeats the same experiment with exactly the same factors, then exactly the same results will be reproduced. The very basis of the highly reputed “scientific method” is this very law of causality–that effects are in and like their causes, and that like causes produce like effects. Science in the modern sense would be altogether impossible if cause and effect should cease.
    This law inevitably leads to a choice between two alternatives: (1) an infinite chain of nonprimary causes (nothing ultimately responsible for all observable causes and effects); or (2) an uncaused primary Cause of all causes (the One absolute Cause that initiated everything).

  6. Quite a big question.
    Many will not like this answer, but here goes:
    Life and Consciousness are both essentially immortal, so to speak of an origin would degrade both life and consciousness.
    So the real purpose of spiritual life is simply to lift the veil that covers the immortal treasure that was always there.

  7. from our divine origin
    .The tree of life was actually referring to Adam, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil was referring to Eve. Adam was the “tree of life” because all the essences of life on God’s creations were all centered to him. He was the totality of all God’s creations both material and spiritual. He was the first human to receive the “breath of life” thus making him the “living soul.” Eve was the “tree of knowledge” because she had the key to uncover the secrets on how to duplicate God’s power to (pro) create human being. Through Eve, Adam could learn the knowledge on how to do it, but learning it would be the turning point to their mortality and the beginning of their sufferings.


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