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What is the Oldest religion???

not the oldest religion Still practiced (hinduism)
but the oldest religion known to man.
I think it was like the Canaanite religion right???
Thanks for your help!!!
Judaism isnt the oldest religion “Fireball”
Even the OT bible says that the egyptians and the Canaanites had there religions long before Judaism came in the picture.


  1. “Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures of Europe (25,000 to 2500 BC) were matriarchal and worshipped fertility in the form of a female deity known today as the Goddess
    Could be said to being Witchcraft.

  2. Abel was the first one to practice worshipping YHWH, and his sacrifice was acceptable. Genesis 4:4
    The faithful angels, had been worshipping YHWH, since their creation.
    Satan, a fallen angel, is the leader of all the rebellious angels, and desires worship. So that would be the second religion in the Universe, even beyond it.

  3. Judaism – In the Beginning God……………Your other religions came after the flood of Noah from Nimrod, Semiramus and Tammuz. Semiramus started quite a few false religions since her husband Nimrod’s name meant “Let us revolt.” The Tower of Babel was built by Nimrod, God destroyed the Tower and changed the languages, scattered the people and up came Semiramus’ many false gods and goddesses. She had gods for everything. Just anything to rebell against the One and Only True God. Satan’s children is what I call them.

  4. the oldest religion is christanity and it was written by 44 different authors it has been proved many times by archogist discoverys it has stayed alive for 6000 years no tell me it not the most authenic religion and the oldest if it has surived 6000 years

  5. Shamanism. Most others are either based on Shamanism or are more “refined” (for lack of a better term). All religions throughout history can trace its origins back to Shamanism.

  6. There isn’t much factual data on the first religion(-s) of Homo sapiens, but the usual answers are that our ancestors in Paleolithic and Neolithic periods (= “Stone Age”, thousands to tens of thousands of years ago) probably practiced shamanism (communicating with the “spirit world” through altered mental states), animism (belief that personalized souls are found in animals, plants and other material objects), ancestor worship (belief that deceased family members continue to exist in some form and that they can influence living people) and fertility cults, possibly centering on a female Goddess of the Earth.

  7. http://www.afrol.com/articles/23093
    World’s oldest religion discovered in Botswana.
    Archaeologists have discovered what seems to be remains of the world’s earliest religious worship site in the remote Ngamiland region of Botswana. Here, our ancestors performed advanced rituals, worshipping the python some 70,000 years ago. The sensational discovery strengthens Africa’s position as the cradle of modern man.
    In fact, the oldest of the four main religions is Hinduism. Hinduism has the oldest recorded roots in Dravidianism. Dravidianism was estimated to have been practised around 6000 to 3000BCE and as such predates Sumerian, Egyptian and Babylonian cultures.


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