What is the Old Hag Experience and did I have it?

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This morning I thought I was waking up but I was sitting up in the bed and could not open my eyes I kept clawing at my eyes with my fingers they wouldn’t open but just a little enough to see things very cloudy. I reached to pet my cat and felt her fur. I swear I was sitting up. But then I actually woke up and I don’t think that I was sitting up or opening my eyes or anything it was a weird kind of dream. Does this make sense how I say it? Anyway is this the Old Hag?

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No, thats just interrupted sleep.


so you must have been dreaming about being sat up in bed, patting the cat maybe for hours who knows.. so yes, this could be an old hag dream. the clawing at the eyes bit is complicated…


sounds creeeeeepy


The Old Hag Syndrome is real and science call it Sleep Paralysis. There were so many Old Hag Syndrome that many had experienced. There is such a demon who like to sit on top of human while they sleep. We have so many mystical stories about their diabolical event. Check out http://www.mysticalpond.com/


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