What is the next evolution from religion?

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for example…Sun worship, shamanism, worship of dieties, worship of prophets, meditation, worship of Gods and Goddesses, worhip of one God (monotheism), new age/spirituality…. what is the next stage?
I know i have left some, but Im hoping you know what im talking about.

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Brett A

Reality, Truth, Science, Rationality, Logic, Nature, etc.
“No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism” — Annie Wood Besant.




As the atheists do, worship of ones self

q answers



Treating each life as a lesson to be learned.


no religion. yay!


From what I see, materialism.
God wants you to be prosperous, and if you aren’t, then you don’t have the right faith and thoughts.
Thats the way I see things going anyway.

Robert M



Just a plain Creator, not God

amiram a

The next evolutionary step in religion should be Zerotheism, but to achieve that humans would have to evolve so that average human I.Q. would increase from 100 to 140 at least, and some genetic tendencies we carry from our primate ancestors would need to become less significant. so to make things short, homo sapience, as a species, is unable to evolve and relax the need to believe.


It’s a big book, but maybe you could look it up for it’s general concept.
Magic – Religion – Science
Sir James Frazer, The Golden Bough
“To this encyclopaedic survey he added the discussion of the religions of classical antiquity to produce an attractive, if simplistic, thesis: that everywhere in human mental evolution a belief in magic preceeded religion, which in turn was followed in the West by science.”
From comapion to Literature in English by Wordsworth.
Anyone who is serios about Religion, Anthropology etc etc, should take the time to read it.

Gordon O

Bicameral mind integration will free man from the illusions of religion and the political systems it manipulates…


There are no levels in consciousness. Religion is just a recognition of beliefs that we may choose to hold to in the moment. There are many paths to choose from, no one is better than the rest, rather a choice. Some choose difficult paths, some smoooth, some shrouded in mists, others long or short. It matters not. What is important is to notice self. As the poet T.S. Elliot wrote : The great wasteland is where people lead in-authenthentic lives and dont realize it. So, follow your bliss and pay attention to your clues (remember they are not going to be literal signposts for you, but rather symbolic communications to self).
Paul offering supportive energy to your explorations…

sub z

tree of knowledge sciance blance of postive Good and negathive evil or bad knowledge and how it used after cheiveing spirital knowledge tree of life the finale stage creative arts of creating your own libarary of what you now or if you have any other qustion pleace fell free tell me more qustions thanks for your time…

Pamela Q

I think Buddhism is the only logical religion. There are no judgements of other people and instead of looking outside yourself, you seek inside to bring out your higher self and attune with the universe. I particularly find Nichiren Buddhism fulfilling. Finally, I have found a religion with no hate, no judgement that lets you take responsibility for your own life instead of blaming outside sources. Just my opinion.


Hmmm…. becoming the Borg or ushering in the Singularity might cut down on our tendency to create non-falsifiable hypothesis, ie semantic null sets. In the meantime we could work more on general semantics.


Jesus: "…the kingdom of God is within you."?

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What exactly are astral projections?

I have heard about astral projections but what are they? What do you experience and how do you experience them?

life sometimes seems a living hell. sometimes paradise. do u believe in after life wen v hav both in here?

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What is the purpose of organized "religion"….?

As it, in itself, has NOTHING to do with God, or any higher consciousness. Was it created merely to divide, enslave and control selected...
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