What is the nationality of Dalai Lama?

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Is his government in exile recognised by India, and other countries he visited recently?

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Dude be chillin in Tibet, yo.


He is Tibetian coming from Tibet and he is not a Llama nor does he ride one

B.L. Madoff


Uhaan Z

He came from Tibet and unfortunately Tibet is not considered worldwide as a independent country,although there are a lot of people support it. and I have to say, at least now dalai’s require to the Chinese government of the Tibet area is to make it a high degree of autonomy place but not a independent country,but I dont think this could happen because that the Han nationality in China consider the total powerty of territory more inportant than anything. when it seems that dalai’s require is going to fail ,the younger Tibetan are seeking tougher ways to make Tibet free and to keep their curture. About dalai’s nationnality,there is a saying in China that he admitted he is still a Chinese citizen.
no time to consulting a source or authority, this is just my knowledge about this problem.hope it can help you

The Mechanic

He is a native Tibetan illegally invaded by China and held in subjection and brutality , there religion is suppressed and there people being murdered every day, yet our poodle of a prime minister treats them with respect and deference .


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