What is the name of the yoga practice that boosts your sex drive?

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my friend did some type of yoga that boosted her sex drive like crazy. it was targeted to enhance stamina and libido..anyone know the name?

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tantra i think… haha idk i saw that in an american pie movie




Honestly, I think you do yoga early in the morning


I believe it is called keggles. The muscle that you use to stop yourself from peeing, is the same muscle used to prolong orgasm. It also is suppose to heighten the feeling in an orgasm. First go pee, and as soon as you start try to stop. do that a few times to get you uses to the feeling you are looking for. then while you are watching TV, squeeze the muscle, and hold for 5 sec. Then relax, and for 30sec squeeze and relax, squeeze, and relax. THen rest for a minute, and do again, for about 20min. Of course you might have to work up to 20min. Start with 3 then 5, and so on. By the way I might have misspelled the word, but I believe the definition is correct.


One common problem that happens is this. I have been there and done that. You have to figure out what it is first that is destroying your sex drive. If your on medication like birth control or anti-depressants that is something to think about and do research on. Other then that it could just be stress, maybe the kids, really anything that makes your life stressful can do this and lower the libido.
One thing I tried that seemed to work while I was doing it was exercising. I just felt sexier doing it which kind of boosted my libido. However it wasn’t the best solution for me. My friend told me about these herbal enhancers that are made from natural herbs and don’t cause any side effects besides having wild sex. She said it’s the female version of viagra. I had to find out.
I would always have a weak orgasm too (if I had one at all), which after trying this sex enhancer, it boosted them tremendously. I don’t get multiple orgasms but I’ve had plenty since being on these herbs. It’s seriously like the best vibrator ride you’ve ever experienced. These things make me horny all the time, some days I don’t even take them because the urge is just too strong.
Don’t try out single herbs because they don’t do it like the blend of herbs these scientists and researchers pick out. I’ve tried a couple of them by itself and they did crap. The stuff that I’m on is called Hersolution, at the time I saved money on it at herenhancement.com . Make sure you get the 3 month supply that way you fall under the guarantee/return policy if the herbs don’t work for you, you can return them with no questions ask. I bet they will work though and you won’t have any problems. Also if your on medication of any sort, check out the gel because if your like me, you wouldn’t want to swallow any thing that might react with the medications your already on.
Well have a good day and hopefully you solved your problem.

Satya Ahimsa

It was probably Kundalini Yoga, they do a lot of postures and movements that look like girating, they are trying to liberate the serpent in the spine. or the energy in the spine, and breathing is very important too, like in kama sutra.


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