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What is the name of the meditation journal most witches kept?

I know that the first word was “black”. But black what? Black journal? It was some kind of log they kept for writing their evolution in meditation and other wizardry.
Please help me!
Thx in advance!


  1. Modern Witches often keep a Book of Shadows, and it’s much more than just a mediatiation journal.
    It’s got all kinds of useful notes, from herbal remedies to spells and incantations.
    It’s a new phenomenon, not an old one. So “Kept” is perhaps the wrong word.
    Most of the modern Witchraft you’ll encounter where the Witch keeps a Book will be from the Gardinian or Alexandrean tradition. Ie, not very old.

  2. A Book of Shadows tends to be specifically for spellcraft. Another name for a Wiccan’s “journal” is a Grimoire, which tends to not only cover spellcraft but also herb lore, scrying, meditations, etc.
    EDIT: Do you mean the Black Pullet? It wasn’t “meditations” per se, so much as talismans and amulets.

  3. Book of Shadows or as was said above, sometimes called a Grimoire – though that becomes more of a working journal and reference book. Meditations aren’t exclusive to witchcraft. In the Book of Shadows are usually correspondences, recordings of rituals and spells that have been worked, and a number of other things pertinent to the craft. I keep a separate personal journal that’s for regular everyday stuff outside of witchcraft (which I don’t call “wizardry”, that term is more so found in fantasy stories than in use in reality).

  4. I keep a book of shadows, if that’s what you mean. It’s not simply for meditation, however, but also contains spells, potions, tea mixes, poems, etc.

  5. do you mean Grimoire?
    lots of witches didn’t and still don’t write anything down
    hence–the rhyming.
    and witchcraft is not Wizardry-that’s a Disney thing.

  6. Historically, magical practices were mostly passed down orally.
    Some ritualistic Witches kept a grimoire.
    Some modern Witches keep what they call a “book of shadows.”
    I have never heard of anything “black” but since it was mainly Christians who have always been obsessed with the white/black and good/evil dichotomies, whatever you are thinking of probably came out of Christian folklore.


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