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What is the name of the man-made objects that turn negative energy into positive energy?

I saw a man-made object (shaped like a Reese cup, with a semi-clear hard substance with bb’s on the bottom) and the guy claims it turns negative energy into positive energy. I’m sure there are more objects than the one I described, but I was wondering the name of such and object and what belief this stems from! Thanks!!!
These are not a magnet like thing, they are more like turning negative energy (like bad things happening to you) into positive energy (good things happening to you).


  1. Could you clarify what this “negative energy” is?
    Energy is comprised of massless particles that travel at c. I’m not aware of any “negative” sort of energy that exists. Something like a tachyon would have negative mass, but then, they wouldn’t be energy, they’d be the opposite of tardyons, which are matter.

  2. I don’t know if those things work. My husband picked one up the other day. It was shaped like a tetrahedron and was filled with metal shavings, and three copper coils at the bottom of it, with a bead of copper in each corner of the points.
    In Feng Shui, having an arrow-shaped metal object pointing at you in any part of the room is killing energy.


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