What is the name of the ability to plant thoughts in other people with telepathy?

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Telekinesis, or telekinetic suggestion.

peter m

being a tv host


Telepathy. Man can you do this ??
Please let me know if you can.
yes and mind control, Im glad people here are answering seriously. I know mind control is true !!

DJ Big Dog

Mind control

Dave R

I’m not sure if there is a formal name, but the term, “Psychic Projection” is one which is used in some circles and it describes exactly what you are talking about.
Specifically, It is used to describe the method of manipulation employed against writers and creative types who have an effect on culture in order to sculpt the direction of human awareness.
It would probably explain the reason why certain ideas come up all at the same time among writers who otherwise have no contact with each other. This happens often. One of the recent waves of this, I think, has been the proliferation of fascination with the idea of mind control itself. We’re seeing some of the results now in the media.


Telepathy….. what is your will my master?


Scary. All jokes aside, I believe that Mind Control best fits the bill. Whereas Telekinesis is the movement of objects or persons by the use of the mind.
The Wikipedia gives this answer in relation to mind control:
Mind control is a broad range of psychological tactics able to subvert an individual’s control of his own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions. There are a number of controversial issues regarding mind control and the methods by which control might be attained (either direct or more subtle) are the focus of study among psychologists, neuroscientists, and sociologists. The question of mind control has been discussed in relation to religion, politics, prisoners of war, totalitarianism, black operations, neural cell manipulation, cults, terrorism, torture, parental alienation, and even battered person syndrome. Mind control as a legal defense tactic (see also temporary insanity) was rejected by the court in the case of Patty Hearst, and in several court cases involving New Religious Movements. Also, questions of mind control are regarding ethical questions linked to the subject of free will. Mind control theories are based on the premise that an outside source can control an individual’s thinking, behavior or consciousness. Such theories have ethical and legal implications.
Does it really work? I have witnessed nothing to prove or disprove mind control but am aware that during the cold war both the Americans and the Russians spent a lot of time and money on serious, if secret, research


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