Home Discussion Forum What is the most unexplained event that has happened to you?

What is the most unexplained event that has happened to you?

I have had many unexplained events happen to me in my past, and I want to know if I’m the only one!
Ex: feelings that are right on, ghost stories, family telepathy, etc.


  1. I live in Wisconsin where werewolves are seen a lot and I think I saw one or some other creature when I was young. It was dark out and I looked out my bedroom window and saw some beastly thing walking through my front yard and it turned its head and growled at me. Also when my uncle died the phone woke me up and I knew that something bad happened to him.

  2. You see what you want to see you can make things in your imagination some times you see what you dont want to see but its all the same just a feeling.

  3. When I had to have my dog put to sleep (he was sick for a while) after I came home from the vet, I was a mess, almost hysterical.
    After I calmed down a bit, and finally stopped sobbing, I poured a BIG glass of wine and I went outside to have a cigarette. I happened to look up into the sky, it was a nice July day, blue sky, white clouds. Directly over me there was a cloud in the shape of my dog’s face(he was a Boxer, so he had a distinct face). Looking down, with eyes, nose, jowls, details! I thought I was insane! I looked down and up like 5 times, still not believing my eyes. I figured someone would recommend a CT scan to me if I said anything, so I made real sure I was seeing what I was seeing and my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.
    I remembered that while I was taking the tearful drive with him to the vet, I asked him to let me know that he was okay on the other side.
    I absolutely believe that’s what he was doing.
    Oh, my daughter and I share a strong telepathic bond, too.


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