What is the most significant thing you have brought back from a higher state of consciousness?

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A very nice T-shirt.
(sorry couldn’t resist)


That regardless of triumph or tragedly, Life itself, is a blessing that not all are granted and we should appreciate how good we have it because it may end at any second.
I realized this while shrooming for the first time. Say what you want about drugs, my body my rules.

Splash Log (Level 3... Again)

An empty vodka bottle.

theo the cod BTFH

A girlfriend and some plastic sheeting. This, of course, involved mind altering substances and a rock festival.

Mr NiceGuy^3

Cookies are the best snack food and their existence proves that God created the universe.
I don’t remember how or why cookies prove God’s work, but at the time is sounded very profound and more than plausible.

Unus Mundus

An understanding of the inner-workings of this dream reality and the interconnectivity of the minds to produce it.

tree top

alive spiritualy! some call it being born again by the spirit.


anybody know were i can obtain eckhart tolle book EVEN THE SUN WILL DIE can get c d s but no luck?

no luck getting hardback like it for a special prezzie 31st jan please help you always do it amazing thanks MIKE

Isn't Reincarnation more logical than Annihilation of the Soul?

I was wondering if it doesn't make more sense that the Soul would continue on, rather than just cease to exist. Could those...

Atheism is not a far cry from acceptance of Universal Consciousness. Why not agree?

We do not have to use the word "God". But there is a universal soul that is individualized as your own. The individualization is...

where can i find the golden dawn tarot deck?

where can i find the golden dawn tarot deck for the lowest price in rapides parish, louisiana? i am starting to practice magick and...

i need a psychic or medium help please?

i am going through some trouble in my life right now and i really want some guidance from a psychic or a medium.. ive...

can i practice magick as a christian-wiccan?

im 13 and want to know in Future weather i can practice magick,or if ill be offending the Bible and the wicca community
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