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What is the most sexual disney subliminal message? (hidden message in a movie)?

What is the most shocking and dirty disney hidden message?
It is really shocking, especially since the word sex is written the same in many of the films, that is proof enough to me, animators are extremely dirty? Or just bored lol?


  1. On the cover of the Little Mermaid, there is the castle in the background. One of the towers is a penis, and it is SUPER obvious.

  2. Only one that can be proved as not a mistake is a picture of a naked woman in the original version of The rescuers
    ***According to articles,Disney says that the art teams wrote SFX (not sex)in the lion king, in order to show appreciation for their special effects team
    ***People say that the 7 dwarves represent the stages of Crack addiction(ie: Dopey,happy,sneezy)
    **articles also say that the Priest on the little mermaid is not getting a b*ner but it’s his kneecap moving (which i’ll admit sounds ridiculous,lol)

  3. In the original Lion King, the stars in one scene spelled out “Sex”. Don’t believe me? Check the Wikipedia profile of Lion King.

  4. In my opinion, it’s gotta be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Think about it, you got this single chick living with seven guys. I know they runnin her in when the sun goes down. Then, the dwarfs disrespect her every morning, singing ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho’ on their way to work. Lmao, y’all forgive me, I ain’t got no sense.

  5. There’s lots of subliminal messages in the Disney animated movies. Some are easier to spot than others though.
    In Aladdin, when he’s on the balconey, it’s rumored Aladdin says something to the effect of ‘good teenagers, take off your clothes’. It’s really hard to hear it though.
    There’s also the ‘phallace’ drawn on the older cover of the Little Mermaid.
    And another one that hasn’t been mentioned is from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. There’s a scene with Jessica Rabbit (The redhead in the movie) where she crashes a car and lands on the ground, spinning. If you look closely, her legs are spread and you can see up her dress.


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