What Is The Most Powerful Form Of Wicca?

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Dear friends,I have been victimized and would like to retaliate.Consequently,I ask:what is the most powerful form of wicca?Alternatively,perhaps I should ask:what is the most suitable form of wicca for one who seeks to retaliate?Lastly,I assure you that my desire to use wicca in an aggressive manner is indeed justified.Thank you.

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I think you’ll find that they’re all equally effective.


Wicca is a religion. What do you mean by powerful form?
Were you referring to witchcraft? Wicca and witchcraft are not the same thing.


Wicca is a religion, I do not think it means what you think it does.
In short, Wicca? You keep using that word…

Ruth Aravah, JPA

answer: No ethical Wiccan, pagan or witch will help you. Wicca is a RELIGION, not a .357 pistol. No matter if you think it’s justified, no one will aid you in revenge energy.
Get over it or find some other way – like suing whoever has harmed you.

Simple magic man

that is the weakest comment I ever heard, weak AF. thats because you dont have the power in your abilities to give the correct answer that HE can seek revenge via magick. I can stand those kinds of people who say revenge energy cannot be uses.. yadayada. blah..
it’s because the person is weak

Pagan Spirit Wolf

Okay here are a couple of site for you to check out. I hope that it helps you find the answer that you are looking for.
Bright Blessings and Blessed Be.

Kenneth G

Wicca is a religion which employs magick. You seem more interested in just the magick/spellcrafting piece of it. The most effective system of magick is whatever one resonates with you well enough to employ effectively. They all depend on your ability to : 1) Visualize and form a goal in accordance with your full will. 2) To raise, direct and release energy, or to meld it with objects or powders, herbs, what have you. To do this well requires a good deal of patience and discipline and time.
If you go down that path far enough to truly be effective, you will come to know a great deal about yourself, and how the universe is put together. You will also come to see why revenge magick, even when justified, is almost always a poor choice. Here’s one hint to ponder: magick ain’t a mortar shell that you get to fire over the enemy’s wires and forget. It entrains you with that person and their energy, forges a bond with them, pulls some of their nasty energy into your own orbit. That problem is compounded enormously if the person is sensitive and skill enough to realize what’s happening and counterattack.
There is also the problem of karma, or the law of returns, or whatever you may want to call it. What comes around goes around. Many left-hand practitioners will dismiss this as nonsense from a white-lighter, but there’s an underlying truth to it and you ignore it at your own risk. It’s one of those things you learn the easy way or the hard way. If you look at any of the people who practices revenge magick on a regular basis, you will see that ALL of them have lots and lots of drama and unhappiness in their lives. They draw all of that on themselves.
If all of this little sermon just beads off of you and you’re determined to go ahead, there are plenty of places to learn about spellwork, and voodoo/santeria and some of the other carribean traditions have a rich literature of curse and revenge work, although any system has tools that can be put to that use.


Thank you for this.

bad tim

there’s no justification for retaliation. it’s petty and immature. using wiccan beliefs to do it will only bring it back on you again.
wicca is a religion that honors the balance in nature. it is focused primarily on the god and goddess and the cycles of nature. it is not a vehicle for casting spells of any kind, much less retaliation.


I think you’re confusing ‘wicca’ and ‘witchcraft’ here. Wicca is the religion, witchcraft is the practise of magic, and neither are to be taken lightly or used without due care and responsibility.
I would really like more info before I answer this one, if you say you have been victimised…well that takes several forms. Have you been victimised as in been the victim of a crime? or some form of hate? or have you been ‘victimised’ because maybe you had a difference of opinion with someone? Sorry to be a pest about asking more questions but to truly get a valid and pertinent answer we need more information than ‘I’ve been victimised’
The answer I will give you here is that before you embark on a magical battle of wills you better be darn sure you are without blame in the situation, and that you have absolute and solid proof of the culprit. To do anything magically without these two issues being adressed means you leave yourself wide open to your work backfiring on you and bringing with it the appropriate ‘karmic’ price. There are always two sides to every argument and you need to look at this one from both sides, regardless of how morally in the right you feel yourself to be. The other person may be misguided OR they may have more knowledge of a situation than you do and actually it is you who are incorrect.
Within Wicca you may of course do some protective work on yourself and your property – this would include such things as job, bank account, extended family and friends as well as pets – not just the obvious things like health and immediate family. Wicca has the threefold law exactly BECAUSE as humans we tend to react and retaliate first and think afterwards. Balanced Wiccans should look at the situation from all sides before magically going off the deep end 🙂 Don’t forget that magic is a last resort, you should exhaust every single mundane solution to the problem before you resort to magic – and even then the magic should be used carefully and not as an occult version of childish one upmanship. NEVER resort to ‘retaliation’ as a reaction without first thinking everything through.
If however you have come to the conclusion that some form of work needs doing there are a number of methods you can use, but again, I need more information on the situation before I can advise.


I think you are very confused. Wicca is a religion that sometiomes uses witchcraft. It isn’t all powerful though. It’s just a religion just like Christianity is a religion. You are thinking of witchcraft and magick. However, no magick is stronger than any other magick. Magick all comes from the same source, and therefor the only thing that can make it more powerful than another is the person casting the spells. Willpower is what allows you to use magick. If you willpower is strong, then your magick will work. If it is not, you will fail to do what you wanted to do. So your answer is to use what ever magick works best for you, but so you know you actually need to know what you are doing first. Casting any magick without a background in it can lead to a disaster. Magick when done in anger and without the how to knowledge can be very harmful to the person casting the magick. Find another way to release your anger. Magick will do you no good with this.

Nightwind: Adipose says Hi!

Even if we had the fantastic powers you think we do, why would we give them to someone who has clearly not bothered to learn anything about us?
Wicca is a religion. It is about our relationship with our gods. It is not about superpowers. Describing one branch of Wicca as more powerful than another branch is nonsensical. It’s like saying Buddhists are more powerful than Hindus.
You don’t use Wicca. You believe in Wicca.
Wiccans who also work spellcraft generally do not believe that magical retaliation is *ever* appropriate.


someones been watching to many movies. wicca doesn’t work that way, we don’t retaliate we defend are selves.so learn more before asking uneducated questions.
btw: you probably want witchcraft to retaliate not wicca, considering wiccans tend to be pacifist.

Rai A

Sorry have a problem with the justification to “use Wicca in an aggressive manner”.
The principle part of Wicca is “harm none”.
If I didn’t use my faith against my Abusive Manipulative Ex husband of 20 years, I fail to see what you feel is justification.
My best revenge is to be there when the Karma runs over his Dogma.

Midnight Stormcloud

Let cruelty, pain, and evil ways follow this villian for rest of his days Reverse the torment, he creates to turn on him, a crueler fate


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