• The most unusual state of consciousness I’ve experienced is the most ordinary. I watched a friend slide down a roof, go over the edge, and stop halfway over, held there only by his belt, which had caught on the eave. There was a 40 foot drop onto cement. As I watched, I was filled with great sadness, but something else that was very ordinary. It was the one time in my life that I was concerned entirely with someone else, and it was the one time I felt the greatest peace. I did go to the edge to pull him up, not believing that I was risking my life, but entirely certain that I would die trying to save him. I don’t need to tell you how it turned out. Such is the action of someone who knows of a better life to come.

  • Probably the state of consciousness that immediately followed my taking half a box of mushrooms bought in a specialist shop in Amsterdam.

    Every shop window turned into a cash machine. Hilarious.

  • during a visualisation
    reaching out with my energy to touch the world
    and reaching higher to touch the realms of spirit
    hard to explain … but wonderful to experience

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