What is the most gratest thing you have learned about enlightenment?





What is the one thing you have learned about enlightenment that has helped you the most?


  1. To become enlightened is impossible. If you were to become enlightened this would state that you took the action, that your Ego achieved the paradox, and this would do nothing more than work to serve the ego further. Hence the presence in all religion of the leap of faith.
    I guess, once there, when there is no attachment to thoughts, events, sensations, stories about the self, then there is no separation in experience from anything and everything that is.

  2. My most recent enlightenment–That we all want to think we deserve what we have, but we don’t. Whether that is wealth, poverty, cancer or health–we don’t deserve it–it’s not this God given status. It is what life has dealt us and we learn to cope–and in my case I feel the need to make it more fair.
    I guess that was my enlightenment.
    But your question was “what was the greatest thing I learned about enlightenmnet.”
    After I learned the above I felt a little giddy and then suddenly empty. I actually even lost a little weight because I had a hard time even feeding myself in a misproportioned world. It didn’t last long to that extent, but it still concerned me.
    Then I read this phrase, “Post Enlightenment Depression.” It was said humorously but I think it’s true. Sometimes when you find this new knowledge it’s going to clock you–and leave you feeling empty–till you figure out how to work it.

  3. The act or a means of enlightening.
    The state of being enlightened.
    Enlightenment A philosophical movement of the 18th century that emphasized the use of reason to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and traditions and that brought about many humanitarian reforms. Used with the.
    Buddhism & Hinduism A blessed state in which the individual transcends desire and suffering and attains Nirvana.
    To me it seems that this are just away to avoid the issuses in/of life….total nothingless, For Me not the way to live and grow, life is too exciting to become like this ,how you handle life makes for your character

  4. Child; That it comes from within and becomes like remembering and knowing that which is true as felt and spoken to your heart. This is truth because I have said ity Reason..

  5. WOW this is a really good question, and really there is truely no right or wrong answer!
    What i have acknowlegded since being enlightened is that we are all one unified conciousness just sharing a space which is indefinable and infinate. That the body is only a vehichle for the mind and the spirit is eternal as is everything! We are all the same energy just abstracted into different pieces. The absolute whole that is existence is not measurable in a tangible way. Everything is connected.

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