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What is the most effective way to reach a higher consciousness through meditation?


  1. the goal of meditation is reaching (your) higher consciousness
    different methods work for different people- there is no right or wrong way, do the method that you feel most drawn to
    however, that being said-
    there are ways to advance faster-
    ~keeping a faithful practice..practice practice
    ~if you combine mediation with pranayam ( specific breath mediation)
    ~finding an advanced teacher to assist you
    ~chakra cleansing and energizing meditation
    ~service meditation- (praying for or sending out good energy karmically entitiles you to recieve more good energy)
    ~moderation in your lifestyle- some say including having a clean energy body through yoga, excercise and a healthful, even vegetarian diet

  2. Firstly, any person’s concept of ‘higher consciousness’, is like imagining the surface of the planet Pluto without being there.
    So trying to achieve ‘higher consciousness’ is like putting the cart before the horse.
    The concepts differ from religious dictators to astrologers to scientist to fantasizers and fiction writers.
    But it is possible to reach a state to which meditation takes one.
    Again what is meditation?-People who have never meditated in their life theorize on the benefits of meditation, and recommend it for others – even the fallacious research/experiments/statistics do not know, on what or how another is meditating.
    The most effective way is to find a realized, spiritual teacher who has meditated and is adept and follow his/her instructions to the fullest.
    To me the purpose of meditation is to achieve ‘inner peace’ despite whatever is happening outside – irrespective of race, cast, creed, religion, riches, poverty. good/bad health,job,family etc whatever the outside is – through wars and peace.
    The more difficult thing is to find the teacher. It requires an open mind, open heart, and the thirst to find inner peace.

  3. You’ve got to have personsl contact or relationship with the Guru who has the sole authority to lead one to higher consciousness thru His grace


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