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What is the most appropriate position for meditation?

can you do it even when youre lying? or is it really needed for you to sit down.


  1. for best qi and circulation, sit up. But you dont have to have a rigid back. You should be comfortable so that you aren’t so concerned about keeping your back straight but are more focused on your meditation. But don’t slouch over either.

  2. Body has to be very comfortable. Lying position is generally the most comfortable, but, not without the possibility of getting to sleep instead of meditation ! So, sitting would be the only next best option to ensure body-comfort. If body is not comfortable, the mind’s attention is at the dis-comfort rather than allowing a person to attempt meditation !

  3. Sitting postition is the best position for beginning. But once you can meditate easily wherever you are with out getting disturbed by external factors you can actually meditate in any position you can. But for the beginning lying down position may put you to sleep instead of meditation. Try it and see if you can meditate while lying then continue if you find it good. When you sit down the blood circulation is better for reading or meditating. But as an answer for your question, you can meditate whether lying or sitting down.

  4. they say sit up but it hurts my back and i can’t relax…i do what is comfortable lying down…but i ground myself by visualizing …..sending like a tree root from my bottom deep down into the ground..

  5. however you’re comfortable but sitting is best, as everyone’s mentioned. the feet-flat-on-the-floor/straight backed chair thing never really worked for me. i like sitting cross-legged, hands on knees, palms up. balanced. symmetrical. it’s possible laying down, but only if sleep is the goal.

  6. the most approriate is the upright sitting position. Though, it isd suggested that you be at your most comfortable position wherein you would be able to relax yet not fall asleep.

  7. Choose a position that you’re comfortable in, which may be different for each person. Also, your air flow should be open, not hindered. (i.e. tall posture)
    One option is to sit cross-legged. Another is to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, hands comfortably on your legs (can be palm up or down), and sitting forward a bit so you’re not leaning back on the chair. (This is my current favorite posture!)
    You can also lay down on the floor, with legs out or with knees up if you have a weak back. This method is not recommended if you find yourself falling asleep during meditation. (Falling asleep is not necessarily a bad thing, but it obviously does stop you from getting deeper into your meditation practice.)
    Good luck, enjoy, and Namaste! 🙂


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