What is the most accurate or interesting tarot deck to use?

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by R o M e O:

Answer by killerkitten369
The one that you like the most and feel connected to is the most accurate one.

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Whichever your mind believes it to be so!

Happy Man

4 suits of 13 cards remind you of something else?

Ameyali A

None are accurate! They’re all the same!


I know that some people prefer the Rider Waite Tarot.


I like to use playing cards. It’s called Cartomancy. It was around before Tarot cards. It’s safe and freer from the influences of Evil. But you can figure out the correspondance between the playing cards and tarot cards. I looked at a deck of Tarot cards that was pictured and explained in a book and very easily figured out which cards matched up.
Just make sure to purify the cards first and dedicate them to God and ask angels to communicate with you through them.
I just feel a lot safer using these cards in this way and they are always accurate. My friends can testify to that. Everytime the cards tell them something very specific will happen it always does.
Tarot cards have pictures of demons, devils, death, etc. that’s evil and how they are influenced by evil. Not safe.


Tarot is only as accurate as the reader. People are just drawn to certain decks for the looks of it and the feel. You go with what you like best.

Raven Eyes

It depends entirely on the deck of cards and how you relate to them. I have some decks that I purchased and simply can’t use because I cannot connect with them, and I have decks that I connected with so well and can use them with great accuracy. It’s a very personal thing.
I started out with the Rider-Waite tarot, and will still return to them now.
My other favourites to work with include:
Thoth tarot
Bosch Tarot
Gilded tarot
Tarot of the Secret Forest.
But I am a tarot addict and have many decks.
You can always look at this website for ideas and for sample images of the decks…
Hope this helps. 🙂

Sadhara Satguru

That is a matter of personal choice, what pleases one may not another.
I run tarot workshops & a home study course & within those I use the Rider Waite, although even with them there are many versions.
Free Psychic Discussion Group
Sadhara Satguru 4 Link


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