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What is the method for transcendental meditation? How is it different than traditional meditation?

It seems that all the research I do on this form of meditation directs me to buy a book or pay for a class… Must there be a price tag on enlightenment? Those familiar with the method, please instruct me on how it is done. Silly answers will be tolerated, but I would like to know the facts. Thanks.


  1. As you no doubt know, TM was not only invented but copyrighted and trademarked by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi. There is little doubt that the motivation for doing this is that it can be taught at great monetary profit. It’s unfortunate when a potentially useful technique is withheld by a profit motive, but there it is nonetheless.
    Fortunately some former students of TM have made some of the inner “secrets” and methods available to the public. One excellent source of information is here (though you’ll have to comb through the various links to get the whole picture):

  2. my friend …
    there are two kind of truth …one is truth by perception …one is truth by experience…
    truth by perception means to believe on what other says about a thing …truth by experience means to put efforts by self…and reach the truth….
    always go with truth with experience…
    what i will tell u …only listen….think…make a decision of ur own…
    set the time for meditation…like lets say after taking bath in the morning …and in evening
    When u wake up…start chanting any GOD name in ur mind…till u sit for meditation…after u perform the meditation …start chanting the name till evening ,
    u can also continue with ur job…this chanting ur mind will do internally automatically.. and ur mind will get use to it….
    Now when u sit in meditation…look in between the eyes center,
    Thoughts will come…let them come….let one thought come..and pass by..u just try to see in between the eyes,,,and let the thoughts come and go….
    also before starting meditation ……prey to God…that oh god i m a fool est of all the persons…..today i m meditating ,,,that is not my decision ..that is ur decision…i m good for nothing…what i m today is bcz of u…i want to know u better …please help me ….and then start meditate…
    I prey for u…for the deep of my heart …and wish u best of luck…may u succeed in meditation ,,and attain a peaceful life

  3. Hi: As noted in a previous email, Transcendental Meditation is the form of meditation taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Perhaps he trademarked the name to distinguish it from the many other forms of meditation or perhaps he did it primarily for monetary profit. I am cautious about trying to read other people’s minds, and I never met MMY myself. MMY did not invent TM. It is a form of meditation that has been around for literally thousands of years.
    TM involves repeating a short mantra usually for 20 minutes twice daily. It is a type of meditation that is very helpful to some people. Other folks will benefit from other types of meditation. I will take the lazy way out. Below is a VERY long Yahoo Answer I sent to someone else. I like to write and sometimes I get carried away with my letters. Hopefully, the email below will address some of your questions.
    Hi: The first thing to realize is that there are dozens of different forms of meditation. A technique that is helpful to me may not be helpful to you. Below I have listed two links for meditation CDs and then two links for books. If you look at the books, you don’t have to read every word. You can skip to sections on meditation techniques that you feel attracted to.
    If it is possible for you, it usually helps to meditate with like-minded people, at least in the beginning. You might try different classes and learn different types of meditation, if that is possible where you live.
    In most cases, you don’t need a guru (at least in the beginning), and be cautious about groups that tell you their way is the only way or the best way to meditate.
    Finally, some practical steps—-throughout the day, our mind is usually filled with thoughts, feelings and external sensations (like looking at a computer, listening to someone talk, etc.). Meditation usually involves focusing on yourself rather than on the external world. If you feel physically tense before meditation, you can do some gentle stretching or yoga. Or you can just do some slow deep breathing. As you begin meditating, you allow your thoughts to slow down while your mind gets more still. Some folks will repeat a sound or words (eg, a mantra). Other folks will follow their breath or other body sensations. Some will visualize a white light, a peaceful nature scene, or almost anything that is relaxing.
    For many people, everyday thoughts will resurface. You can just realize this is happening and then go back to your breath or mantra, etc. Usually, you want to sit in a way that is comfortable, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep. Sitting with an erect spine usually helps.
    Finally, It is best to meditate everday if you can. In the beginning, your meditations can be very short, like 5 minutes twice a day. With more experience, you can gradually extend your meditations. If you try to meditate for long periods of time in the beginning, you may get discouraged and drop it completely.
    Be well.


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