What is the means to erase one's memory between the spirit world and a reincarnation back on earth?






  1. Most children are born with memories of their last lifetime but most gradually lose these memories. They remember because they don’t have a flood of distractions or new memories filling their brains — yet. As they grow older, most kids learn to play fantasy games and then begin confusing their memories with fantasies — especially if their parents don’t know how to deal with past-life memories.
    The mechanism for forgetting is the conscious mind. The brain holds very little information. Very, very little. Can you remember what you had for lunch 3 weeks ago today? Do you remember all your classmates’ names from kindergarten? Can you remember the presents you got for your 2nd birthday, or even what the birthday cards you got last year had written on them? How about any of the hundreds of thousands of pages from books you’ve read — can you remember even one page verbatim?
    Your conscious mind locks away or discards 99.9999% of everything that ever happened to you and leaves you with just enough memories to get you through your days and let you know you have a past, even if you’ve forgotten most of it.
    Your subconscious mind isn’t a purely physical thing, however, and it does remember your past lives. There are ways you can communicate with your subconscious and draw out memories, such as through meditation, self hypnosis and interactive dreaming. Your conscious mind will block too many memories coming through, however. Imagine how distracted, confused and crazy most people would be if they vividly remembered details from past lives. Not remembering too much is a safety mechanism we need to function.

  2. According to this guy’s research, there are some children who seem to remember past lives, but forget them as they grow older. Maybe the mechanism for that is identical to anything we forget over time.
    Perhaps it’s important to ask, first, how reincarnation works in the first place. If we have an understanding of that, then we could begin to examine particular details like memory, etc.

  3. I’m sure there’s more than one theory. I’ve never been interested in the how. I am more interested in the implications for lifestyle and worldview.
    I will remember fondly the Aurthur C. Clarke story of the universe running out of souls and children being born souless. Monks would suicide immediately knowing that they would experience instant reincarnation and the birth of soulless children would stop.
    Reincarnation is one solution to the problem of death. It denies the finality of death. It is the principal alternative to the afterlife belief in immortality.

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