what is the meaning of the Buddha picture holding a black ball in lotus position mean?

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I was given an antique little box with a picture of a Buddha in it. I think it’s from China and the picture is very faded but has a Buddha sat in lotus position with a black ball in his hand and red or orange robes. There is glass infront of the picture and paper behind which has a pressed flower in it. I think these boxes were placed on the head to endow the qualities of the Buddha but am not sure.

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Cranky Blankie

“Reply Hazy — Ask Again Later”.

Spider man

That statue can’t even save it self from rusting.
Nice job Jew!

Human Being Human

Are you sure the ball isn’t a bowl
I’ll update with a link to show what I mean
As you can see on some images It is very easy to mistake the bowl for a ball but it is a bowl
If the Buddha is depicted as this It is Lord Buddha Amitabha and the following link will lead to a site which explains the Sect of Buddhism relating to Him
It is possible it is Medicine Buddha as the Reptilian says but as the robes are faded so also will be the Colour of the bowl and it may have been a different colour originally
Also the flower If it is a lotus this is Amitabha [ Padma]
The best way is to look at the hand positions [ Mudras] Irrespective of faded colour Amitabha is never depicted with His hands in Varada Mudra as Medicine Buddha is
There is also a picture of Lord Buddha Amitayus in this position also So there is three to choose from and for those who claim Amitabha and Amitayus are one in the same This is incorrect Two separate Buddhas
Chinese Green Tea tastes good
The reptilian has Cut and Run Twelfth time to my knowledge Must have Koans to deal with


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