What is the meaning of our chubby Buddha statue that has his hands covering his eyes?

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my wife recently brought home a small Buddha statue. It’s one of the happy / chubby variety however it has it’s hands over it’s eyes – does anyone know what this statue means or it’s purpose? Thanks!

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Rebecca J

See no Evil

Paul M

Buddha was facing the wife and kids he abandoned, and he could not bear the sight.


It’s a warning from your wife about your fondness for Mac burgers.

Pangloss(((Obama-YES we did!!)))

The See No Evil Buddha, known as ‘Mizaru’ in Japanese, is depicted with his hands over his eyes.
It is a buddha, but it is not the Buddha (Siddhartha).

thats awesome. my mum gave me one of those 🙂 its funny because she was saying it was ashamed, or that he saw some one naked haha

Jaina Solo

He Sees no Evil.

Lucinda S

See no evil?
Or maybe he walked in on someone. 😀

asuku t

Greed is a disease that brings shame on the greedy with conscience.
Unfortunately most of the greedy do not have conscience.
That is why our world is having economic collapse with Extreme capitalism threatening to bring down our world.


that is not buddha, if u see carefully its monkey…its very cute
i have it
it comes in set of 3….(it means dont say bad (hands over mouth), or see bad (over eyes) or hear bad (over ears))..known as Gandhi’s 3 monkeys here (based on his principles)


dont look with your eyes look with your heart…

Jennifer Burke

Phra Pit Ta (buddha with no eyes) Good Luck with business and protection from bad people. RARE! Soul Essentials of Ocala-PEACE, LOVE, AND LIGHT!


I have one as well. It attracted me because I recognize that what we see (perceive) as reality is often deceptive. It is only through inner wisdom that we “see” truth.


Only good answer in bunch;)


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