What is the meaning of an aura?

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it is the glow of your soul. it shows what color it is, if you can see it, and the colors of your aura is the meaning of your soul. (certain colors of it, means certain meanings.)
i hope that helped. 🙂


In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object (like the halo or aureola of religious art)[ that some people are claimed to be capable of observing by means of their third eye.
The depiction of such an aura in religious art usually connotes a person of particular power or holiness.

erisian trubble

Did you ever see the Matrix? Remember when Morpheus tells Neo how much energy the human body puts out? Well, there you go. The Aura that some folks are able to see or sense is primarily an electro-static charge field surrounding the physical body.
Now, if you’ve ever been depressed, you know that this emotional chemical reaction can actually cause a lowering of the metabolism and a change in the amount of energy you feel. This can also change the output of that energy…the frequency or vibration of it. Many people who experience auras see them as colors: various frequencies of light waves interacting with various frequencies of what I will call (for the sake of simplicity) the energy body. By investigating the alterations in these colors/textures/etc. someone skilled in aura interpretation can make educated guesses about the chemical changes going on in the physical body and the emotional changes that may have precipitated them.
People with extremely low charges in their auras or “odd” auras are often undergoing extreme psychological distress. Most people’s auras fluctuate wildly throughout the day, but have a “base state” that is evident to those who can sense the aura when a person is healthy and feeling “good”.
Ok, so a more scientic way of looking at a baldly New Agey trippy hippy feel good idea? Well, I like to think so.

Healing Art Forms

Your aura is your energetic field surrounding your phsyical body. Some say this is your soul glow, and some say it is your energy protection. Any and all are true, depending on what standpoint you wish to believe. Each color has its own meaning and aura pictures can be taken to show your aura color at that moment, but your aura color can change at any given time. You can also have leaks, tears and rips in your aura leaking energy away from your physical body as well as energy drains, stagnent energy, negative energy and so on. Do some research, read some books on aura work. Here is an aura program: http://www.healingartforms.com/chakraaurameridian.htm


Seems as though you have ask a very intimidating question that may possibly be a challenge to address.
The aura is indeed a great mystery.
Even the ones that have seen them are not quite sure exactly what they are, although many know they exist.
I truly hope you find your answer!
If it is ok, I would appreciate the chance to see if there are any further answers.
*footnote – There is a brilliant ray of light that has been carefully placed within man.
The shell or husk of man is constructed of the elements, earth, air, fire, and water. If these elements are allowed to get out of balance it causes a distortion as seen from man’s periphery in the radiance of this brilliant ray of light. These distortions are observed by some gifted humans as the various colors within our immediate light spectrum. As these elements are subdued by a human being all that will remain is a beautiful radiance of clear light. The elements will no longer distort the original ray of light that was originally placed within man.
This clear light has been known to radiate for great distances, from within certain “True Human Beings”.
This is an understanding as passed on to me, by several teachers of various “old faiths”.
If I have said anything in error, I ask for God’s forgiveness.
“Peace be always with you.”

General D. Ypsilanti

Hugh Lynn Cayce, Edgar’s son, said it is the ethereal body
that we take with us when we die. no, actually he said it is
the physical body that we take with us. The body that we leave behind
is the gross material body. The physical [energy] body lives on and
we take it with us. Many people can see the aura – or fancy that
they can.
Why would 3 aura readers in the same room see it differently?
Because they view it through their own experience. Like looking
at the world through green or grey or rose colored glasses.
One would say my aura was blue and yellow today
and another would tell me it is gold and purple today.

Psychic/Medium and Artist

That is your life force energy. People have done studies on Auras and the Scientific community has come up with a way to photograph them it’s called Kirlian Photography. (I:m not sure if I spelled it right, but you’ll be able to find it on the web.)


All I know is my husband is lighter lately!


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