What is the meaning behind the travelling buddha statue?

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Photo by birgl on Pixabay

I have a buddha statue. He is laughing, carrying a sack on his back and holding what looks like a leaf. Can anyone tell me the meaning behind it please.

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It’s when I was going on my annual holiday. The leaf was to keep the sun off my bald head.


Chances are that your statue represents Budai/Putai, a 10th century Chinese monk who is sometimes known as the “Laughing Buddha.”
In East Asia, Budai is celebrated for his ability to bring good fortune. His large sack carries goodies for all people. He is also thought to be an incarnation of Maitreya, the “Future Buddha” who will appear some time in the . . . future!
Here are a couple of images of Budai – you can see if these look anything like your figure:

swami dhyan sumeru s

yes this is hoti
the buddha of today
when the buddha shakyamuni was leaving this earth
he said that he would return in the future
as Maitreya
hoti is the representation as seen by the crafts people of
china and japan where the spirit of the buddhas teaching
reached brought there by bodhidharma
the sack is full of toys for the children
made by hoti in his mountain home
the leaf is the leaf of the tea plant to symbolise wake-fullness
given by bodhidharma when he tore off his eye lids so as to remain awake
the eye lids are said to have grown into the tea plant