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What is the meaning behind Mabus, the being predicted by Nostradamus, and who is Mabus?

Some say he/she is the third antichrist (first and second being Napoleon and Hitler). Others say his death is a sign of the beginning of the Apocolypse. Which is it?


  1. Well, I don’t know. Why don’t we just wait and see and have a good surprise, and stop looking into the future, and enjoy life, while we have it :)… Anyways, surprises make life worth living 🙂

  2. it has nothing to do with the antichrist in the quatrain he predicts the death of a colleague of his jan mabuse. the quatrain was intended as a joke for his friends 50th birthday

  3. nostradamus was notorious for hiding his predictions in what he calls quatrains. sentences that at first dont make sense until they come true.
    also it should be noted that not everything that nostradamus predicted has come to pass. what makes him so predigious is the fact that he wrote so much. maybe if we all started writing as much as he did then we would start to make predictions that come true too.

  4. If you expect a nutter like Nostradamus to make sense, you are going to be very disappointed. NO predictions by him have ever come true.
    Often his irrational believers have said “AFTER THE FACT” that one or another of his writings referred to an event, but in EVER CASE when they are asked to explain what some gibberish means BEFORE it happens, they are wrong.
    They are ZERO for THOUSANDS. Why does anyone believe this stuff?
    People cannot see the future. Not in tea leaves, tarot cards, bumps on the head, lines on your palm… NOTHING.
    The only thing you get when you gut a chicken is dinner.

  5. Two ways to look at Mabus.
    One – as an existing name or word, in French (possibly Latin) prior to 1555. Two – as an anagram. As an anagram, people has stretched Mabus more than fat people stretch spandex bike shorts. They come up with Sabum means Saddam, or Usam b means Osama bin Laden. The closest to reality is Musab, which is a historic name, like Muhammad (he actually was Muhammad’s #1 assistant), and a name that many Muslims give to their children (or take themselves), in honor of historic Musab. For instance, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (1960-2006), a Jordanian militant Islamist who led some insurgency groups in Iraq, against the U.S. and its allies. There is nothing wrong with seeing such things coming from Mabus, as long as it is understood this is all secondary meaning.
    The primary meaning comes from going by the number one way, and doing this proves there was no one named Mabus in history, and it is not a word in Latin. This means the way to look at Mabus is by asking, “Is it actually simple French, but everyone has been overthinking it for 450 years?” Answer – Yep. That is the case.
    Mabus is M abus, where the “M” is a standard abbreviation in French for either Maître (Master, Teacher, Main) or Monsieur (Mister or Mr.). The word “abus” means, “an abuse; deceit, impostor, disappointment, fallacy, gullery; also, a mispending, or disorderly employment of.” Thus, “Mabus” is not necessarily one person – some singular historic figure (especially not the antichrist) – as much as it is all persons who “Teach abuse”, are “Master impostors”, those whose goal is to cause “Main disappointment”, and who rises to the status of “Mister deceit.”
    When seen as such, quatrain II-62 begins (line one) to say (one translation), “Master abuse then quickly at that time will decease, will be derived from”. After that is seen, it becomes easier to plug in names to who is the latest, greatest, “Master abuser”, or as some might say, “Head terrorist.” However, the primary intent of the word “abuse” is the trickery aspect. So, the one biggest “Master deceiver” is Usam b. Anyone seen him lately … other than in a video clip? He’s pretty tricky.
    His tricks will be why line two of quatrain II-62 says (one translation), “To people & beasts one horrible defeat”. The trick is to lull “people” into thinking no more terrorism is coming. We’re safe. We have Mexicans watching our border for terrorists. But, once it all seems protected – WHAM! Something “will grow” and/or “will be derived from”. Maybe from secret labratory experiments, like the Soviets used to do with deadly diseases, and such, which “will procede” into the hands of those wanting to hurt (abuse) “people”, so badly that it won’t just kill human beings, it will kill animals too (beasts). What a “horrible defeat” that would be!
    We know that it will be quick, as line three then says, “Then everything at stroke there vengeance one will see”. All because of revenge, life forms will die. Very sad; but some will live. That is when everyone still breathing will be like Jerry Seinfeld (when he would say, “Newman”), and say, “I see who Mabus is. He is the “one” doing this “vengeance”.” It won’t be just one survivor who will see the one Mabus who will see so many dead. Hundreds will see.
    That’s why line four sums this prophecy up, by saying, “Hundred, public authority, thirst, hunger, when will pass very swiftly there blazing star.” Makes me wonder if the “comet” is a real “comet”, or maybe something else leaving a trail of sparks across the sky.
    When one knows what Mabus means, one knows this is a prophecy about the future. It has not happened yet. There is time to make it all go away, if things are done (done right) to prevent Mabus from killing “people & beasts”. Only a fool would sit back and wait to see this come true, to then convert and believe in Nostradamus. Still, everything “predicted” is very believable as possible. We live in a world of terrorist threats, and governments who anger terrorists to be threatening. The technology is invented already. It just has to get in the wrong hands, and WHAM! Revenge is a horrible thing to defeat, because it never goes away until the last avenger is dead. There will always be a Mabus to defeat if everything goes as it has gone till now.
    Go to http://www.pearlsofnostradamus.com and see the truth about Nostradamus.

  6. Both of first original Antichrist arose within former Roman teritory. That is where and in whose rule Christ was crusified so in sense that is where third Antichrist must arise from, it is an empire who’s responsible for spilling Christ’s blood. Nothing would please evil more than this. So bottom line Antichrist has to come out of former roman territory of roman blood which Hitler and Napoleon I believe had in common.

  7. Well maybe Mabus is here,look at our world,money,greed,power,poverty and wars all over the place,we are still very primative in our thinking,maybe its us all who are Mabus..

  8. The government started the cloning army using politicians from around the world they kill families and send in REAL clones before any one notices. My entire family was murdered and cloned check they’re hair it looks like fishing thread.


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