What is the meaning and function of the 72 names of God in Kabbalah?

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Passive Heretic

It’s an attempt to control God.
The idea is that if you know the true name of something you can manipulate it.
What interest me is how the Kabbalah started.
The idea was that God was encoded in the letters of the oldest language.
What confuses me about that is according to Jewish tradition all languages were changed at the tower of Babel.
So the question is, what makes them think the Jewish language was unchanged.
I see no reason for the system to work only with Jewish literature.
It’s like the Bible code, which applied to Moby Dlck predicts the death of princess Diana.
Still the Zohar is interesting even if as a mystical system it’s a bit over complicated.


The death of Princess Diana was Prophesied through Nostradamus.


Sigh- do stop reading the nonsense put out by cults that have zero real knowledge about Kabbalah. their is no discussion of the “72 names of G-d” in Kabbalah- ont he contrary, the statement is that there is an iunfinite number of names of G-d, as each name of G-d represents a different aspect of G-d- and thus as an infinite being with infinite aspects he has an infinite number of names.
what is funny, is that when lookign at these lists fo the name sof G-d put out by the various cults and scam artisits, they manage to ommit the actual names of G-d that are discuss din kabbalah. The lists generally look like somebody completely ignorant of Hebrew, Hebrew grammar and the correct usage of Hebrew vowels- just randomly placed them together hoping nobody would spot their complete lack of knowledge!
Even more hilarious is that in some of the so called lists of the 72 names every name they use is 3 letters, where we know their are multiple names of G-d with far more letters! Such as YHVH (four letters), Elohim (five letters in Hebrew), Shalom (four letters), the 42 letter name, the 72 letters name, a 218 letter name- and the longest name of all- over 300,000 letters which is the entire Torah written as a single word!


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