What is the male equivalent to an old maid… for that matter what is the male equivalent to an 'old hag'?

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but there are dirty old women too… betty davis is one example even florence henderson aka mrs brady is a little trampy on dancing with the stars
old fag is funny but because its stupid… there is no such thing as an old fag because that would imply fags were ever not old
plus fags can be men and women?
all of these answers are “reaches” in my opinion
your link doesn’t work
where did the guy with the link run off to
troll is general.. i just heard someone use it at me and i am a woman
yep thought so.. so far no good… in fact the situation is the only names that are gender specific to males and possibly equivalent to ‘old hag’ and ‘old maid’ are ones like troll or goblin maybe but lets face it we’ve made a damn holiday celebrating those things and even an ever well known tv show (who didn’t own a troll in the 90s)
in fact the closest thing to an ‘old hag’ is that witch from sleeping beauty- wikipedia it
there must be so many women out there feeling sorry for their “out of touch with their selves” selves with their sorry asses so prone to oppress other women because they themselves have inferiority complexes and wish others to as well

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(1) old bachelor (2) dirty old man.

midnight star

old fag


1) Bachelor, loner
2) Troll


Old goat


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