What is the main source of energy for the earth?





I need help with this question on my homework please.


  1. Solar, like everyone else said, but there is a lot more to it than the direct sunlight on the surface of the Earth; which, by the way, is considerable. Pretty much all energy sources on this planet can be traced back to the Sun.
    Even coal and oil energy can be traced back to the Sun as it was back when the plants and animals that eventually became the coal and oil thrived. Wind energy comes mainly from the thermal heating as warm air rises and cold air falls, creating winds that blow the windmills. Rain that creates the rivers from which waterfalls and hydroelectric power is taken comes from the Sun’s heat causing the water moisture atop oceans and lakes to rise, form droplets, and come back as rain.
    Bottom line, as I said earlier, just about all energy on Earth comes either directly or indirectly from the Sun.

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