what is the main purpose for tarot cards, and do they work?





by Rangers:

do they go against any religions?

Answer by EzaL
Tarot cards, are satanic. Avoid at all costs.


  1. It all depends on how people use the Tarot Cards. Evil things may come but more than likely the person has wanted to and or wishes to do harm. It all depends all on the client and the one reading the cards. So people shouldn’t just call the Tarot Cards evil, just because of evil wishing and ill behavior.

  2. The main purpose of Tarot is to open up the 6th sense and listen to the subconscious.
    Tarot is like dreaming in a wake state.
    In dreams we sometimes get very powerful symbolism which, if you understand the symbology, gives great insight into what is going on at the deepest layers of the human psyche.
    At these levels time has no meaning and this is where the future prediction comes in.
    There is a part of us that already knows what is going to happen.
    Everyone gets “a bad feeling” about situations before they go wrong but can’t explain why they had that feeling.
    Religions dislike anything that touches on human spiritualism or gives comfort and understanding to people in need of help. They see it as competition and anything that is competition is “evil”.
    Tarot works for me, I find it a fascinating form of divination that keeps a bit of magic in the world when science tells you there is none.

  3. There are different ways of answering this. There main purpose could be the one they were invented for or the one the people use them for today – and that really depends upon where you are.
    As another has mentioned, tarot cards were invented in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court and consist of two parts: a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards (which predate Tarot in Europe by about 60 years) and a fifth suit of picture cards. These extra cards took as their theme a triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get the word trump. And this is what they were, a suit of fixed trumps for a family of card games that this still played throughout much of continental Europe today.
    We can certainly say that they were not against the dominant religion in Europe at that time. The cards spread quickly through Europe, and at one time tarot was not simply popular but the most popular form of card game on the Continent – all without any opposition from the Church. Indeed, there are even cases of the Church making regional bans on playing cards that specifically exempt tarot cards from that ban! The consensus among historians today, as with the earliest commentators (from the 16th century) is that the trumps represent a Christian allegory, which far from being esoteric would have to have been familiar to most people as it had to serve the purpose of reminding people of the cards’ order as they were not numbered till long after they were in popular use.
    Some of the cards are often thought to be heretical or essentially pagan. The Female Pope (often renamed The High Priestess by 20th century occultists) is a good example of this. However, if we are to understand the meaning of an image, we need to look at it in context of when and where it was created. In Renaissance Italy this was an established figure in Christian art of the time, being used to represent such things as The Virtue of Faith or the New Covenant. No heresy there.
    It was not until the very end of the 18th century that a Parisian occultist published the claim that tarot had an occult origin and use in divination – for their first 350 years, tarot was used for nothing but card games. For 100 years, these new ideas were limited to just France but at the end of the 19th century, British occultists began to introduce the cards and occultism to the English speaking world, where there was no recorded memory of the games. It was in the mid 20th century that some of these occultists began some radical re-design of the cards to better reflect their beliefs and it is these cards that you will be most familiar with.
    Today the Catholic and Anglican churches recognize that their there is nothing originally occult about the cards and that they are still used in many countries for game play – and they have not objection to this. However, they do both object to occultism and divination. So the churches attitude depends upon your use of the cards. As for their main use, well, they were invented for card games but where popular use today depends upon where you are. In the English speaking world, as well as in Asia, their popular use is for divination but in many parts of continental Europe, it is still a card game.

  4. If tarot cards worked then, after a reading, if you shuffled the deck thoroughly and re-dealt them for the same person who just had their reading, then exactly the same cards would come up in exactly the same order as they did originally as the persons future is already decided.
    And yet they don’t come up in the same order at all. Go figure….

  5. Originally they were just used for playing card games and started appearing in Italy in about the 1430’s. (Standard playing cards started appearing in Europe about the 1370’s
    Tarot card games are among the oldest trick-taking games and used the Major Arcana as the trump suit. They still play tarot-style card games in some areas of Europe, but these games never became popular in English-speaking countries, so in the U.S. they are mainly used for fortune telling.
    Tarot cards actually did not start being used for modern style “cartomancy” or fortune telling until the late 1700’s as an early part of the spiritualism movement, and in fact the first book on fortune telling with cards used a more standard deck not a Tarot deck.
    Some claim they go against Christian teachings since the Bible condemns witchcraft but that’s a matter of interpretation. I don’t believe in fortune telling, so I don’t believe they work.

  6. Tarot are a simple tool that can give very complex information about the path the person being read is currently on. They can give relatively detailed information on ones past, present, and/or future when used properly. The down side with the tarot is with the future. Just by knowing the future makes it easier to alter it. Often a person that has been read will forget this, and after knowingly altering something the reader told them, will brush off the reading as ‘a load of hooey’, because the events didn’t happen exactly as the reader had predicted.

  7. The main purpose of tarot cards is to fool gullible people. They work about as well as any other form of divination. That being they occasionally get hits and confirmation bias helps the subject ignore the misses.

    • Its not to fool, but it will tap into some very complicated things.
      The main thing about it is to choose to believe it ir not.
      Its a choice.

  8. Tarot cards are used to predict the future. They go against Christianity because it would be considered a form of magic just like other forms of predicting the future (such as horoscopes, palm reading, etc.).

  9. Main purpose is to bilk people out of their money, as all such things are…
    They don’t have to post the disclaimer, ‘For entertainment purposes only’ for no reason…

    • Its about choosing to believe it or not.
      It will depend on the reader whether the reader wants to get paid for it or not.
      As far as anything goes its a choice.

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