What is the magical/spiritual significance of placing coins around a persons property?





Someone has been placing coins heads up in different locations on my property. I think it has something to do with magic rituals or charms.


  1. well from what i heard leaving a coin is just a greeting. i looked up the paranormal significance and talked to a few physics that i know and that was what i came up with. It’s just a acknowledgment or way of saying they are with you.

  2. Perhaps someone is trying to make sure that your house never knows poverty. It could also be a family member or neighbor with holy pockets and you haven’t found the tails up ones yet. Either way, don’t freak out, it’s not an ‘ominous sign.’

  3. An ancient ritual was placing coins *beneath the foundation* of the property. This was done to ensure a prosperous future in the dwelling. I am not aware of any ritual current or past in which the perimeter itself is encircled, but perhaps it is some derivative of the older ritual. Subsequent to that, “heads up” typically represents wealth and all the the good things associated with money.

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