What is the long term effect of meditation?

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If i meditate daily,after a few months,will i have any change?Will my mind become what?What is the benefit of meditation after a long use.?

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mark t

You’ll focus less on bullshit.Like’Yahoo’.


You will be less tempted , yoga or meditation can even make ur face look good & tention will be less on ur mind , & much more .

John S

In the end, obsessive meditation will make it difficult to tell whether you’re alive, smelly and meditating or just dead and smelly. In the letter case, it won’t matter to you at all.


It release stress on your mind ,it lowers blood pressure.
it also un folds mystry and even you can peep into futuristic events

pradeep p

tranquility is your reward.
if you want something in return then please dont start meditating. the effects of meditation should only be felt and not anticipated. Anticipation itself is a distraction.
when your mind is tranquil you will be capable of lot of things that you couldnt do before.
experience that yourself.
These are seeds you should sow without thinking about the harvest too much!
have fun!

Neil S

If you’re serious, inner peace.


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