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What is the logic and social science behind psychic readings and tarot cards especially. ?

As you can tell I don’t believe that psychics know anything, but I do believe and respect their skills to be able to read people to provoke an emotional response to their reading, thus converting the skeptics. Explain to me some of the tricks used, how does one fool a skeptic.


  1. I don’t know about being psychic, but I can tell you that tarot cards are certainly a psychological tool as much as a mystic one.
    When you choose a card, you have a certain response to it in the context of your question. Very often the card seems to “predict” the future, but I feel this is because you yourself already know the answer subconsciously, and you read it into the card.
    I wonder why it hasn’t occurred to you that perhaps, sometimes, there are no “tricks.” I don’t claim to know exactly how or why the cards work, but they do, and no “tricks” are involved in MY readings. (But I don’t read for others, only for myself.)
    I would encourage you to get a pack of tarot cards and learn how to do your own readings. You may be surprised at the results, and if there are any “tricks” you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

  2. When you go in to see one, just ask one question….What’s my name?
    If they get it right, you can trust them.
    You will get nothing but a song and a dance and that’s not how they work, etc, etc………….there’s nothing that they know except how to take your gullible money.

  3. My grandmother’s best friend is psychic. She does not do it professionally. She has never charged anyone for readings, and she does not exploit people. She has, however, proven herself to us many times (and believe me, my family is the furthest thing from superstitious you can get), and not by simply giving generally useful advice. She has told us in explicit detail of things that are going to happen (that ALWAYS do) and of things that have happened that she’d have no way of knowing about. She, her mother, her sister, and her son all have this gift.

  4. Some people are not trying to fool skeptics.
    To some readers, tarot cards are merely tools; they work psychologically rather than mystically. The symbols help us meditate, open our mind and figure things out. Nobody is ever 100%, nor meant to be.
    Some people are simply better at this, more intuitive than others. Some days we’re better than we are on others. It’s not always a show; merely a practice that we’re attempting and may or may not be successful at.

  5. Well, I’ll tell you how I read… I either ask the “readee” to shuffle my (cleansed) cards while concentrating or I charge them with their energy using a photograph, a sample of their handwriting, or another personal item. In long-distance readings, where an object is used, I do the shuffling myself. I also take time to ground my energies, invite God into me, and request clarity in the reading. As I read, the basic values of each card combine with feelings, images, words and sounds that spontaneously enter my mind. (I consider this to be Divine intervention and the emergence of intuition, though I’m sure many would disagree.) Relations between the cards are sometimes logical i.e. “Hey, that seems similar…” and sometimes based on feelings. I have been upset when I’ve upset a “readee,” but other than that, their emotions are their own. Reactions don’t determine what the next card will tell me. (I also request no prior information, such as knowing their concerns, as they could potentially skew the reading. I want to see what’s there, not what I, or they, want to see.)

  6. There are many who make the statement that ‘psychics’ are good at reading people.
    But what if the person who is preforming the reading does not interact with that person while doing the reading?
    Interaction being by way of face to face or over the phone.
    I preform email readings. The only information that I ask for is the question or issue that the person is wanting me to look into. Some people ask for a “general” reading, which means, that they are willing to listen to what ever the ‘Spirit’ or universal energy wants to bring forward.
    If someone wants to give me more information, I refuse, for it interferes with my ability to give a true intuitive reading.
    I have NOTHING of this person to ‘feed off of’ what so ever.
    And yet, after delivering the reading, they will respond with ‘amazing’ and ‘thank you’
    There is no ‘trick’ to what I do, unless you call tapping into something that many cannot a trick.
    If you research the Anima Mundi or collective consciousness, you will see that there is an explanation to the “How” psychics can do what they do without ‘reading people’ or ‘tricks’
    Let it be known that I am also aware of the psychological aspects, archetypes, etc. that also work through the cards.

  7. Anyone can read tarot cards, you need not be psychic. It is a jungian archetype on a card interepreted which keys into anyone’s experience because archetypes are common to all human experience. This makes tarot a unique philosophical and psychological tool, not merely some parlor trick but an exercise of the mind.


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