What is the link between shamanism and schizophrenia?

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in other cultures where shamanism is practiced altered states of consciousness is seen as a sort of gift where the person has a gift to unlock his unconscious, then eventually the collective conscious and even, in some cultures, alternate spiritual realms. Do you think this is all rubbish. It seems Western medicine does. I can hardly believe that we know everything there is to know about psychotic or trance-like or meditative states. It seems some of these so-called primitive cultures weren’t all that primitive after all.

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σиℓу_α _ℓσиєℓу_ _нєαят_ [ѕмя]

if you have a donkey the schizophrenia……….. fly away!
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if there even is a medical link, the main difference is as you said yourself culture… i and i assume you live in a culture where acting as different people without memory of actions etc is classed as a mental “disiese” or whatever you want to call it..
it all coems down to culture.

George S

First, one must realize that there is nothing physically wrong with those diagnosed as having schizophrenia. This IS merely western-type medicine’s inability to grasp that there is a supernatural existence.
Effectively there are two types of individuals that have the schizo-experience. There are those who receive it as a result of blessings such as those diagnosed with schizophrenia (the saints), and there are those who experience it as a result of the lifting of so-called “veil of the senses.”
The reduction of sensory input is what is required to experience the supernatural. This can be accomplished through drugs or through isolation, as experienced in an isolation tank or even some solitary confinements. Science calls much of what is experienced as hallucinatory – it isn’t. These individuals are experiencing he unseen reality.


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