Home Discussion Forum What is the language of beej mantaras used in hindu tantra system?

What is the language of beej mantaras used in hindu tantra system?

This question is for Hundus and also for those who have some knowledge about it.. there are two type of mantras in Hindu used in hindu sadhana one type is of those which have some meaning but other type is of beej mantara they can have some meaning and can also be meaning less. these mantras are said to effect on human mind. As there is particular way they are chanted and like music they affect mind. recently some researchers have been allowed to study some ancient mantras they recordied from from south india. They have found that these mantras have words in sequence it is not random. they are more organised than music. but it can not be called as language too. this is more comparable to the rythm found in birds chirping. were these mantras developed by man when Sanskrit language was in use, knowing that they dont have meaning but still can influence things. or this is any language older than Sanskrit. is there any discription of origin of beej mantras in Hinduism


  1. Sanskrit, the language of Nature. It is the most ancient of all human languages. It is called the mother of all Indo-European languages.

  2. Tantra is shakti Sadhana – mainly KALI – the mother of kal or time- standing on Shiva, Shivas’ head is directed towards south means it represents a dead body, or space of play ground of kal. Interection of time and space resluts in creation.
    The kali murti is a book in tantra. Kali has a munda mala of 51 human heads and Sanskrit has 51 alphabates. every munda is unique, No two are same in colour– represents different wavelength
    or TARANGA , all the alphabates are also unique to pronounciate.
    Mantras of tantra (beej) are carefully chosen wavelength collection to vibrate the chakras of our physical body. Different chakras- different mantras, even it is not same all time for different persons. SO the purpose is to vibrate and awakening the chakras not a meaningful mantra- or i should say they have more deep meaning, every alphabate in sanskrit has different
    meaning on their own.
    There are four form of sound in Tantra, Mahanirbantantra says,
    1. BAIKHARI- most material sound which we talk.
    Mantras should be practised with pronounciation.
    2. SHRUTI- We can hear only , cant talk. In higher level of sadhana, mantra becomes AJAPA. The jap continues spontaneously within mind all the time.
    3. PASHYANTI- out of reach of normal people.
    Sadhaka observes the lightform of sound or beej
    mantra.Siddhi is near.
    4.Byoum- Beyond the formation of sound.Sadhaka feels free in Brambha.Become
    stable in kalika, makes the living world dead and quite as Shiva.
    Thus beej mantra originated from realisation of sadhaka.Tantra is the pure form of science in India.Everybody fears tantra ,But it is the most logical approach to THE TRUTH.
    Sadhaka hears them from within and the beejs are synonemous to that.


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