Home Discussion Forum What is the Kundalini? How is it related to Christianity?

What is the Kundalini? How is it related to Christianity?


  1. thats insulting. man you really are dumb. Kundalini is about opening the chakras to realize your fullest poetential christianity is about calling yourself a worm and worthless. they are total opposties

  2. Kundalini is an Eastern form of shamanism that has NOTHING to do with Christianity. It involves a serpent entity.

  3. Kundalini is a type of yoga, like a branch of yoga. Other branches are hatha, iyengar, ashtanga, flow, etc. Yoga has a buddhist origin, so there is a religious nature. But most of the time you could go to a kundalini yoga class and not realize there is a religious nature for at least several years. Some folks may be more into the kundalini religious part, like buddhist monks, it would be a denominatoin or branch maybe. Kundalini is also a gland in your pelvis near your tailbone.

  4. Kundalini is a method to evoke the seven points in the central position of ur body to keep the body in balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body.by this all the systems are at balance with themselves.By this all body, mind and soul get balanced.cristianity is a religion which tries to evoke a thought which keeps u in balance in all aspects of life-mind,body and soul.so thou the two have a different theory and practice ,they aim at same path.

  5. Kundalini is like saying “I know how to be a God. I can save myself(i.e, join with God), after some physical rituals and yoga like movements (such as putting your leg over our head) and think about nothing”
    Christianity is saying “God you are the only One. I’m just a sinner who needs your mercy and cannot save myself. I need you.”
    The former focuses on self and teaches that you are the hero of your spiritual destiny … while the latter teaches that the focus is on God and God is the hero who saves you by His mercy and grace by paying for your sins on the cross (Jesus);
    The former teaches good works for salvation by duty. The latter (christianity) teaches good work does NOT earn you salvation but rather its a demonstration out of love and NOT duty.
    Both teach do good works… but the intention and language of the heart is different. The former its duty while the latter its love and sincerity NOT self attainment.
    Its thus obvious the relationship is quite opposite when you analyze beyond the crust it may appear.

  6. The concept of Kundalini is pagan. BUT, it has found it’s way into popular Christianity in the teachings of charismatics and word-of-faith teachers whose ear-tickling message appeals to those who want a sense of power and control over their circumstances.
    Bob Liichow has written quite extensively about the influence of Kundalini falsehoods on charismatic teachers. His web site is listed below:

  7. Kundalini means the feminine energy that is coiled around itself. It is an energy that, when awakened, purifies ourselves, give us yoga (union with the all-pervading energy that is everywhere). As a result we become better, more balance, without stress people. It is our inner Mother, you can say.
    Christ taught us that by loving others, caring for them and being good people, we’ll reach the heavens by the help of the Holy Ghost.
    If you consider the Holy Ghost being the Feminine part of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost=Mother probably) that you might say that Kundalini is the inner spark of the Holy Ghost inside us.
    So there no much difference between Yoga (that is using Kundalini) and Christianity


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